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  1. I have spoken to them and they said they automatically assume everyone wants to be on the waiting list so don't panic!
  2. I didn't have today on my CBA dates list. I have the 14th and 21st
  3. Lovely article, thank you for sharing. My eldest daughter has a learning disability (with associated physical conditions) and has been taking ballet classes for 6 years. She now also takes classes with this amazing company and dreams of being part of their touring company. Success in dance for her is different but every bit as exciting. ????
  4. I thought that it was at Elmhurst???
  5. Tropicmama - how did it go today?
  6. That hairstyle sounds fine. My daughter worked crossed plaits for her audition. The Tring CBA uniform is canvas split soles but I would wear whichever pair she feels most comfortable in.
  7. In the summer I think our results came 13 days after the auditon.
  8. My daughter attends the CBA and I would say your feelings are perfectly normal! I am always much more nervous than my daughter. Only advice is smile and enjoy the experience, as much as they are looking for potential I am sure that they are also looking for dancers who clearly enjoy what they are doing. Good luck
  9. Hi, my daughter has just started at the CBA. For her audition she wore a red RAD leotard, belt, socks and split soles. She had her hair in cross plaits with 2 little red ribbons. Good luck to your daughter.
  10. Wow! Well done to both your daughters which day did they audition on? Nothing here yet so we are still biting finger nails.
  11. 415!
  12. I guess it takes a while to organise 415 ish emails! Fingers crossed for tomorrow
  13. Well done everyone are the Leeds results out yet?
  14. My DD got a yes for grp 1 and is very excited. Well done to everyone who got a yes and hugs to those who didn't get a place this time around xxx
  15. Congratulations to your DD ????