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  1. My dd has friends there and knows a little girl that auditioned and from asking around, as far as we know, they do not make exceptions to their audition format. However, it doesn't hurt to ask. Even if they are accepted there is a trial period of 6 months before a final decision is made. At the end of each year children are assessed out, so be prepared! They do audition after 13yrs but the criteria is different, as can be seen on their website. The other thing to check is if they are allowed to board the weekend if you are not in the same country, before they were expected to return home at weekends (or to a host family), this still happens in most French vocational schools (Marseille/CNSMDP). I wish your dd best of luck with her audition and well done!!
  2. Are you prepared to travel? There are options in Europe !
  3. Done xx
  4. My dd, aged 15yrs, started vocational school this school year. It does not have an education department, it is a Conservatoire for Music and Dance, so she started the CNED which is a government run home education system, there are modules and it follows the normal French curriculum. Although, I know, the system doesn't exist in the UK, I just wanted to say she is a hundred times more happier and less tired! She does have a support tutorial once a week and the rest is up to her, but to be honest , I have never seen her so motivated and organised! We all learn in different ways and for us it was definitely the right decision!! Good Luck!
  5. I totally agree. Here, in France, the auditions for Rosella Hightower (in Cannes) and ENSD ( Marseille) involve a week long 'intensive' as does the Princess Grace Academy in Monaco. The POB, CNSMD Paris and Lyon involve 2 parts.
  6. Have you tried 'Yann Tiersan' (check spelling) ? He composed the music for the film "Amelie", it is mostly piano music but really lovely to dance to! He has about 3/4 albums. We also found 'Satie' good for dancing, especially the "Gymnopedie and gnossiene"- Good Luck
  7. Fantastic news !!!
  8. My dd started ballet late, age 9, and although she started at Vocational School this September, age 15yrs, pirouettes are her nemesis. Singles fine, doubles good right, not-so-good left, triples when all the stars are aligned in Jupiter and the wind is blowing in the right direction!! She has decided she is not a 'turner', so .......... Forgot to add, we line in France so no grades here!
  9. My dd is very very pale (Irish/English parents) with blond hair, after discussing with her teacher, last year we bought a simple Degas leotard for competitions and auditions in 'Begonia', a very pale pink/beige mix. Dark leotards make her look like she is ill, and the style really suited her physique as well as being very simple. She wore it for several comps so by the time the auditions came around she was very comfortable in it and it gave her the extra boost she needed!
  10. Yes, she is bilingual. There were a few English speaking girls in her group so she helped translate some corrections!
  11. If you are looking for SS in France, my dd did the Theilaia Stage in Lyon this July Although the class sizes are quite large (around 30 per class), the studios are air-conditioned and it is held at the CNSMD of Lyon. The dc are well looked after, and all the teachers are from either POB or CNSMD Paris/Lyon . My dd was in the advanced 2 group and her day consisted of 2 ballet lessons (11/2hrs each), 2 repertoire lessons(11/2 hrs each), a character ((11/2 hrs) and a 'barre a sol' every day ! You can choose number of lessons per day. The prices are reasonable and you can watch any lesson you want throughout the week with a small fee. The international SS of Biarritz is supposed to be very popular with POB/CNSMD students , dd wants to do it next year
  12. Thank you so much for your thorough reply!!
  13. Amazing Dormouse, you are inspiring !!!
  14. Hi there, I was wondering if we could have some feedback as my dd would love to go there next year, thank you
  15. My dd did the summer school this year and really enjoyed it!