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  1. I only have first hand experience of YDA but I am sure that both schools offer great dance training and academics. I think that it comes down to where you think your DD will be happy. YDA is less well known and does not have the 'prestige', facilities and scale of Elmhurst. What it does offer is a small, nurturing environment, brilliant teachers, excellent pastoral care and impressive academics. The fact that year groups are small (usually only 10-14) means that all students get personal attention in both their vocational and academic studies. Your DD has done really well to get two offers and it's great to have choice though I appreciate how hard it must be for you both right now.
  2. Has anyone heard about ENBS Course B yet? I know they said within 4 weeks and that would be by Friday but Course A results seem to have arrived Mon/Tues last week based on posts earlier on this thread.
  3. It might be worth checking with them. I have found the office very helpful. The original information said that there would be some residential places for older JAs. I wonder if the letter that was sent with them recall information is a change or whether it is really intended for the Main Cast Dancers? Certainly, the bit about groupings and seeing different choreographers seems more relevant to how I understand the main cast auditions are run.
  4. Yes, she loved it, though had already done 2 or 3 residentials by that stage and also had a few friends there. Last year, I think residential JA places were only given to the older ones and those that had boarded before. Not sure if that's changed with the move to Elmhurst.
  5. I wouldn't worry Tattielashes. Last year it was ballet class, then learning bits of the piece that they were going to perform in the show, including some acting. No character or tap stuff needed!
  6. My DD is 10 and through to Finals too. She was a JA last year and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Happy to answer any questions, though wouldn't claim to be an NYB expert!
  7. BIG congratulations to your lovely DD, so well deserved.
  8. Thanks Tattielashes. It makes sense to wait until after the last prelim which I think is the 19th March, though that is different to last year as recalls to Finals were done within a few days of each audition date. How did your DD find the audition?
  9. My DD did NYB last year and is auditioning on Sunday in London in Group 2 (11-15 I think). Wondered if anyone can share any info on what to expect from the audition and whether it is similar/different to last year? Also, how quickly are results expected out? Last year we had results really quickly, I think it was Tuesday following the Sun audition. I haven't seen any results posted yet for Leeds or Manchester.
  10. And some who apply for MAs may not have applied for WL....
  11. Agree that the kids they choose tend to pick up steps quickly and are willing to give it a go. I think that they are also looking for performance. My DD has auditioned twice for EYB and was offered a place both times. On the second occasion, she was one of about 6 pulled out for the Scholarship exercise. Miss Lewis commented at the end of that exercise that the group had been selected because of their ability to project to the audience. As others have said, the audition itself is a lovely experience but it can be a bit of a crush with over 100 children on stage!
  12. Thanks all for responding. Will pass on the info.
  13. We are not part of the audition circuit this year as DD started at Vocational school in September. Good luck to all of you on the emotional roller coaster! I have a couple of questions on behalf of a friend whose DD auditioned at Elmhurst on Tuesday for a Y7 place. Her DD was in Group B which she thinks was mainly students applying for Y8. She wanted to know how many were in Group A and whether all or most were applying for Y7? Also whether results are by email or post as all of her communication from the school so far has been by email.
  14. We also searched Boots with no luck. Found some in Claire's in the end though my DD has not tested them yet to see if they meet with approval!
  15. I think some people are pulling out because the performance dates have changed, now during the school half term holidays at the end of May.