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  1. Amazing news!! Congratulations!!! 🎉
  2. Dd's first time also. Age 11 week 1 and she's really excited x
  3. No advice I'm afraid, but I can offer my congratulations to you and your ds! How exciting, tinged with stress I imagine!
  4. Photo just put on the royal ballet Instagram of 35 boys in class that have auditioned in Birmingham for jas. Lovely photo if it's your ds! Xx
  5. My dd would love her for mids! In fact it's a large reason why she wanted to audition for mids as she's loved her so much and was quite gutted when I told her it was a different teacher!! I stand corrected ... just heard off a friend who's dd auditioned today that Miss F was in there watching the class line by line but the class was taught by a 'younger lady' this year, so perhaps Miss Murphy is doing it this year xxx either way it's going to be a lovely experience for them xx
  6. Yes bluebird xxx well hoping she still does now but know she always has for Birmingham before xx
  7. Ooh good luck to your little students bluebird! They'll have my dd's JA teacher as she does the auditions and she's simply the most lovely smiley lady so they're going to have a fabulous class xxx
  8. Good luck Birmingham auditionees today!!! ⭐️🍀
  9. So sorry to hear this xanthe, she so little as well and shouldn't have to deal with such things. I hope the school can deal with this properly, and luckily children can and do bounce back very quickly at this age, but I can understand it's very upsetting for you and her xxx good luck xxxx
  10. Or an idea could be that she has a cats tail already attached to her school skirt at the back (or bursting through it) but hidden by her cloak for the first part of the dance ... then when she she tastes the potion, she removes her cloak as she's shocked to feel a tail grow? Might be easier and less fiddly than trying to put a mask on .....
  11. Good luck pictures and your lovely dd xxxxxx
  12. Wow!! Congratulations to you both! ⭐️
  13. Ahh Janjas, my daughter was worried in advance and had never boarded before, and she didn't sleep the night beforehand with nerves. But as we drove through the park the excitement took over (and I suspect a little bravado as she didn't want to look nervous!) and she couldn't wait to start. As I remember, the parents registered the children and then they were allocated numbers for rooms/dorms. They had to give in their pocket money etc and told which group they were in for classes. It was all very organised and all the children were very firmly still with their parents. By the time we got over to the dorms and unpacked with our dd, we helped her make her bed and met her room mate. The children and parents all had a little informal chat in their corridor and exchanged names etc. We then all went across to a talk in one of the studios about the week and what the children could expect. At this point my daughter had forgotten I existed as she was excitedly making friends, but still numerous children stayed with their parents. We were able to go to the PTA shop in the cafeteria and bought a water bottle, notebook etc and had some refreshments. Then as I recall we went back up to the rooms and said our goodbyes. We weren't rushed out at all (apart from by my dd!) and the tears I anticipated never came. In terms of helping with homesickness, in anticipation my dd took a notebook to write about her day (but she hardly got time to fill it in as they're kept so busy!) but I also asked her close friends and family to do her a little good luck card for each day she was there so she could read one each night (I labelled them with the days!) TBH she was so busy having fun though that she forgot to text or call me but she did like opening the cards and reading some kind words. They get up early, have a good breakfasts, have full days of class, rush back to shower, eat and then have various activities every night like a movie night, bbq, disco (with funny dance off!) etc, so they don't have time to miss home. I got the odd text to say she was having the best time of her life but basically heard nothing all week. I really wouldnt worry, the housemistresses were also very kind and took the phones off the children at night so they couldn't be up late texting etc, and apart from 1 little boy, I believe there was very little homesickness as there's such a sense of excitement, mixed with exhaustion from full days, that they just don't have time. Shes going to absolutely love it!! It was an experience we'll both always remember and I'm sure you'll be the same xxxx
  14. I wouldn't worry at all about knowing anyone. My dd didn't know anyone when she went last year aged 10 and she made such amazing friends she still keeps in touch with them. What did help a little was finding a couple of mums on here who had children going the same week and the girls messaged each other in advance once or twice so they recognised one other. However most knew no-one, mainly because there's a lot of international students, but everyone made great friends xxx hope that reassures you. Id also say it was good for my dd to go without a friend as otherwise I have no doubt that she'd have stuck with her friend and not have had as inclusive experience xx
  15. I'm not sure about numbers in Manchester, but in Birmingham they seemed to let similar numbers in in years 4 and 5, then slightly more new associates in year 6. My dd auditioned in Manchester a couple of years ago for a Birmingham place (as we couldn't make the Birmingham audition date) and it was a very friendly experience. If your dd is not that way inclined (as mine wasn't at all!) prepare for some competitive stretching in the waiting room! Didn't seem to have any impact on the outcome though thankfully 😀 In terms of merchandise, ive seen a variety but it's normally tshirts, notebooks/pens, drinks bottles, bags and occasionally hoodies. I was surprised at how reasonable the merchandise was, can't remember exactly but Tshirts maybe £12 approx x if you're thinking of getting clothing get it early as that generally is what sells out the quickest in the age appropriate sizes x x