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  1. Tracksuit definitely is optional. They're never worn into class so purely for travelling in. I'd say 90% had the zip up top in my dd JAs throughout the years. With regards to the bottoms, about 60% had them in yr 4/5 but only about 10/20% still wore the bottoms come year 6. Most wore leggings, other tracksuits, jeans, shorts, or other ballet warm up stuff.
  2. Totally agree re Brandon Lawrence!
  3. Ha ha ha that's a new one on me! I'd have laughed!! Was it helpful instruction though? Struggling to think 💭
  4. Thats the one my dd has had all through JAs. Well we purchased it from the ROH shop on her first JA workshop in London in the October half term that they started. It's massive, has lots of useful pockets and is very good quality. She had it in the black and I think it will continue to last her for many years xx
  5. Ahh my dd did the JA 1 class in Birmingham for yr 4/5. It's a mixed boy girl class and they try and partner the children up for corner work if they have enough boys which is simply too cute xxxxx You have got THE most wonderful teacher there in Birmingham. Your children are going to love her!!! 💗
  6. Ooh good tip! I've had these before in grey and lovely slim fit. They do them in navy and look like a good colour match x|-4-14-years/leggings-and-trousers/basic-plush-trousers-c0p4261670.html
  7. No haven't got any yet, I'm thinking Zara or Abercrombie as both a slim fit so will keep my eye out. 😂 Humungous is the right word! They are ridiculous aren't they for the target audience! 😂 Mind you, my dd gave up on them most of year 6 and wore leggings, shorts or jeans most of the time, as did a lot of the girls, so I may not even get joggers. I would have bought them and had them tailored to size to keep the RBS logo, but without it I can't see why anyone will buy them as they remind me of MC Hammer pants 🤣 ... or perhaps that's just showing my age!!
  8. The tracksuits come up big. The jackets are not too bad actually but the bottoms are very wide indeed!!!! My dd had the age 7-8 throughout JAs (the jacket still fits her and she's 11!). The bottoms got a little short for her, especially at the end of year 6 🙈 but still loads of width room! A heads up though .... The bottoms this year are totally plain and haven't got the royal logo on as apparently they've decided against it so I've returned the bottoms and just bought the new zip up this time and am going to get some slimmer fitting plain navy bottoms that are more flattering xxx
  9. Any character shoes, they advise not to buy new ones especially. Your JA teacher will have a look and tell you if they'd prefer different ones but there was a variety of styles in my dd class. Full sole ballet shoes needed as they work the feet better. Yes once a JA you stay until the end of year 6 (unless choose to leave or really not gaining anything from the course, but I haven't known anyone be asked to leave) .... in regards to leotards, I did the same butterflyballerina for JAs and kept the next size up xxxx I've just made the exact same mistake for MAs and will keep both too xxx
  10. Just the refresh button now 😁 Xxx
  11. Royal generally send everything by email, so it will be an email you're waiting for. Everything comes as attachments to the email xx
  12. Ispendl828, I think it will be up to your school to agree. I know a friend one year who auditioned for Manchester asked permission from her head teacher in advance due to the different days they do there, but i imagine it will be even harder for them to cause a fuss considering she has an offered place. Im not sure if they actually can refuse, but with year 6 being SATS year, there may be some Fridays they don't want her to miss? Yes it's a big ask, especially for the parent getting them there if they work, but hopefully if you can make it work, it will certainly be worth it xxx Good luck with it. Nb. whenever my dd has needed time off school for JA events, auditions, or when she was in a production with JAs, she was marked as education offsite so it didn't affect attendance and her school have always been very supportive. I have heard of less supportive schools however xxxx
  13. Good luck!
  14. Oh I'm so sorry, yes this is RBS JA! Thought I was responding in the JA thread. Apologies xxx i wonder if my original post can be moved to prevent confusion?
  15. Shes a JA currently in Birmingham, so quite a way from you xxx All the mums ive met through JAs are such a very friendly bunch, You'll make some great friends too.... as a coffee and a chat while you wait certainly beats shopping every week (and is far kinder on your bank balance!) 😀 I do not know how you are going to keep it in until Sunday!! You'll be fit to burst but what a lovely welcome home it will be 💖