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  1. Hi Balletdream Well done on getting a place at the Hammond. It is an absolutely fabulous school. Have you asked about a bursery - there is up to 50% Good luck
  2. Pass rate is as follows 40-54 Pass 55-74 Merit 75-100 Distinction Just checked on website!
  3. Hi DanceTaxi Have you not asked for a bursary from Hammond? There is a chance of up to 50%!!
  4. Haha put our names down too please 😊😊😊😊
  5. Hi Peanut68 totally agree with everything you have said above. I have started numerous times to reply on our experience on this thread but have deleted!! Our dd now at different voc school, only started in September and still has wobbles with confidence. But she is so much happier now, and we are too. A child's mental health is far more important, but if this is what a child wants to do then unfortunately they will put up with anything to pursue it!!
  6. Watched Giselle yesterday. Wow wow wow what a fabulous production. It was amazing! We watched yesterday afternoon and cos helping in the evening got to see it again. All the students danced beautifully. Having professionals dance with the students, and a visit from Sir Peter Write in the week, certainly brought a buzz to the school.The costumes and set from ROH were stunning. Congratulations everyone at Hammond. This school continues to amaze us. Roll on Summer Production - can't wait.
  7. I tottally agree with Karen, see how it goes til October when all applications come out. Change of year, new teachers etc might make all the difference.
  8. Just been to Open Evening tonight and watched dress rehearsals of Giselle. Fabulous! Can't wait to watch on Saturday!! There was great excitement yesterday also. Dd phoned last night to say at lunch yesterday Sir Peter Wright was sitting right behind her at lunch time!! Fabulous!
  9. Hi Ballet4Boyz Re uniform - generally the children wear non uniform leotards and tights but those at vocational school usually take their school uniform to wear one day also!
  10. Ladies jacket £10 Pink formal top (yrs7 & 8) £4 Navy polo's and V neck's £3 each (good for spares)
  11. I can't fault the academic staff at Hammond! They are amazing!
  12. Ahh fabulous. Your post made me smile. I remember sitting downstairs listening to all the jumping upstairs! And the doorbell - wherever we go and we hear that sound dd and I look at each other and smile cos it always reminds us of Centre Pointe! Ahhh happy happy times. Good luck all those auditioning 😊😊
  13. Thanks Pictures will put in my diary!
  14. I find the Living at the Hammond thread a fantastic help. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. A quick question and someone comes back with an answer. Its like our own little mini google haha!! Thanks guys its helping us a lot 😚😚
  15. Totally agree with pas de quatre. I would contact them first. I know a few years ago we were on waiting list and I phoned and asked if we were likely to get a place! The answer was 'we try and match up children by age etc. So if a 12yr old dropped out then they would find another 12yr old to take the place in the room'. So they may be able to swop you like for like in the week you want! Its worth a try.