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  1. Im looking forward to this. Going Saturday afternoon
  2. Just to say, Formal skirt and blue top sold but still have other items for sale.
  3. Wow badballerina (your going to have to change your name to goodballerina haha!!) Thats amazing! I've had a look at the RCS website, it looks amazing. Lots of opportunities to perform!! Good luck with your decision.
  4. Yes good luck for funding auditions tomorrow at Hammond. Its a fabulous school xx
  5. Hi sarahw - If you mean the first May bank holiday - I read it take back Bank holiday Monday, ready for school Tuesday! The Whit week (end of May) I think will be take back Sunday ready for school Monday!
  6. Yes he did sarahw. I remember all the JA's going to watch the pre-general of Alice at the Opera House! His tap is amazing.
  7. I'll pm you
  8. Just got to figure out how to download on Spotify so that I can use them haha! I am useless with technology!
  9. Fabulous! Will definately be getting these! Been after some contemp music for grades for ages. Its so hard to get music thats suitable. Thank you
  10. I usually say allow 6 weeks for results!! 🙄 I noted of my calendar and we are looking at around 24th April ish for results! Hope that helps
  11. It depends on what net a tutu is made from. If its a softer net (and the tutus that people have already got are not being used again!) Wash it and it may droop more! Just a thought! I bought a number of beautiful burgandy tutus a number of years ago expecting them to be proper flat tutu's! But when they arrived they were very droopy (very soft netting). They are still beautiful now and look gorgeous on stage x
  12. I'm sure you've made the right decision Armydancer. Hammond is a fabulous school and I'm sure he will be very happy there.
  13. Sent you a pm this morning!
  14. Boosting this post as still all available.
  15. Wow this looks good! All under one roof. Definately one to consider for next year!