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  1. Just managed to watch the whole video. What a lovely (and extremely difficult) class ! As I said earlier maybe the barre work was taken at a slightly faster tempo than usual (for Vaganova) - that's an observation, I'm familiar with the technique, but not an expert. Big congratulations to all the boys (and the pianist - whose fingers must have been falling off !) What's wrong with their physiques ? I hope that you're very proud CeliB, your boy looks lovely X
  2. Thank you for sharing ! Only had time to watch the barre and a bit of centre . Congratulations !!! It does seem a bit speedy for Vaganova. Looking forward to watching more later
  3. I find it best to do the eyes before foundation / blusher etc. Have her look down slightly when you put on the mascara.
  4. I'm not in the UK, but am guessing it's worth a trip to the cinema screening then .
  5. No !!! Really ??? A few weeks ago I was extremely impressed by the skill of a young lady on the tube who went from bare face to fully made up (and very nicely done too) in about 6 stops.
  6. Thank you all.
  7. Does anyone have any experience with these ? How to sound confident without gushing...How to list experience without boring the person reading it to death....? How to put down on paper that you admire and enjoy the company's work without sounding like your regurgitating every single thing that has ever been previously said ? In case you hadn't noticed I get the shivers when it comes to cover letters, but have form and experience when it comes to Unis and 'normal' jobs. Is the cover letter for dance companies a recent thing ?
  8. Tuladancemom, on 17 Mar 2017 - 10:42 PM, said: How old is the DC and will they be travelling / staying alone - or with an adult ?
  9. Angela, has anything been reported about the dancers' opinion regarding the earlier changeover ? I'm afraid I don't speak German...I'm assuming that the petition and social media campaign were not successful.
  10. penelopesimpson, I agree with your comment and I haven't seen any insults. What I have read regards Polunin's technique, choice of rep, choreography etc. And I've read it all with my eyes half covered because I'd love for this show to be a success. As I mentioned it just did cross my mind (and not based on my having seen the performance) that perhaps the critics were 'out to get him'. Wouldn't we all love for there to be a Happy Ending ?! x
  11. I suspect groin guard and glitter envy.... :/
  12. I think that Lildancer96 also has experience of this SS....There's a thread on here somewhere
  13. billboyd do you think that there is some knife twisting going on with the critics ? It did cross my mind as I read the critics' reviews that perhaps there may be an element of 'getting back' at Polunin for ditching and dissing the RB. I have not seen the show, but really hope, as I'm sure others do that it will garner more positive reviews.