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  1. Also very sorry to hear that Blackie passed away Lisa. But how lucky (if you know what I mean) that you were together at the end and she left peacefully. Lots of Love. X
  2. Congratulations ! Once again I wish him all the very best for the next step in his journey. X
  3. JohnS I am very sorry to hear of your unexpected, tragic loss.
  4. Fantastic news ! xx
  5. Josephine in answer to your question regarding biographies of Rambert. I have read this one. https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Books/Mim-personal-memoir-Marie-Rambert-Brigitte-Kelly/1852731273
  6. Truly heartbreaking and horrific......
  7. Oh Lisa, that's horrible. I do hope that she comes back home. My thoughts are with you. xxx
  8. Congratulations ! I don't personally know the school, but I know that it's rated very highly. In the 1st year of Vaganova they usually take the children right back to basics so don't worry. x
  9. Thank you so much Jane. I haven't had time to watch more than a few snippets, but am hoping to catch up on Sunday ! x
  10. I honestly don't know how you had the emotional or physical energy to write such a long and lovely post after what must have been such a roallercoaster ride - albeit with a wonderful outcome. Thank you xx
  11. And where does he want to go ? Decisions decisions !!!
  12. WOW WOW WOW !!!! Fabulous news. Many, many Congratulations to you all. You must all be over the moon - as well as extremely relieved ! All the very best for the next stage X
  13. I am very hesitant to comment as you are obviously still young and seeing a short video clip as a one off isn't the ideal way for one to make corrections. In fact, unless there is an underlying physical problem, from what I saw I'm sure that your teacher could help you. Kate_N has basically covered everything and explained very well. From the start of the video you seem to be trying to turn out from your knees and feet (wiggling) Turn out from the top of your legs and keep rotating downwards. Then I'd say think of lifting your tummy button up and let your tailbone fall down to the floor. Keep your shoulders over your hips. You are lifting your left hip every time you tendu devant. The leg should work independently. In tendu devant heel leads on the opening toes lead on the closing. And yes, keep your weight on the supporting leg. Engage all of those little muscles and tendons above your knee (think 'up', not 'back'). Lengthen your spine each time you open and close. Good luck and keep dancing
  14. The SS applicants are accepted or not via photos. As such I imagine that physique, flexibility of feet/limbs and turn out play a big part in the selection. All of these physical qualities are desirable and necessary for a vocational student. But, musicality, artistry, intelligence and the will to work really hard can't be measured by photos.
  15. What a nightmare