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  1. Before I get the box office to put it back on sale, I wondered if anyone was interested in amphi H43 for the Bonelli/Morera debut? I forgot to note down how much it was, but I'm guessing it's around the £14 mark. Hugely disappointed to miss it, but needs must, I'm afraid
  2. Nope. Had to listen to what I could on the radio. Thank heavens for Radio 3.
  3. Some people have speculated that the unusually large number of performances might hint at a gap in the schedule needing to be filled - putting this together with what I commented on as being a very large number of performances of the Dawson/Wheeldon/Pite bill, I can't help thinking that may have been the case.
  4. Now I know why people hedge their bets by booking so many performances!
  5. There does appear to be a third tier at the Dominion, although it's not in use for this production, but I don't know how much its overhang affects the acoustic in the rear circle.
  6. Quite. All this is pure speculation at this time.
  7. I realise I've ended up booking 2 tickets for this performance, and have a Tall Seat (I think those are the barstool-like ones, aren't they?) in row T on the right-hand side of the amphi going spare for £16, if anyone wants it. Please drop me a PM if so.
  8. I wonder whether the ROH can recall tickets from agencies if demand is high? Otherwise I'd have thought it was a bit early for them to be returned. I shall probably have a spare for the 10th.
  9. I believe the National Rail website is the one which didn't show up the SWT £15 day return offer, though. I got slightly wary about using it after that.
  11. Bit late to the party here: I'd just remembered it was a funny thread, so had guessed it must have been one of PV's, but I see Anna found it anyway. I've tweaked the tags, so you shouldn't have any problem next time.
  12. Indeed it does. And it's not always too clear. It depends A general rule of thumb is Yes. However, I tried to book one of South West Trains' cheap day return promotions a year or two back, and got very confused because thetrainline was insisting I specified trains, and I didn't understand why I should have to. In the end, I rang SWT and they told me that no, I could take pretty much any of their trains (but not CrossCountry's), but thetrainline's software meant that you had to fake-specify trains when booking. So your guess is as good as mine :shrug: This is certainly the case with Megatrain. (I've been tempted to try it and see just how they would prevent me from hopping off at Clapham Junction on the return journey and changing onto a homeward bound train from there, but haven't done so yet). Usually, but not always. Sometimes the bargains will only be available on a selection of websites, just to make things more complicated You may also qualify for things like Nectar or other loyalty points or similar if you go for the train operator's website.
  13. Perhaps the Odeons have trimmed the intervals, then?
  14. Actually, I've just seen that the Odeon website gives 129 mins.
  15. Does anyone know how long their Coppelia lasts, please?