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  1. Emma, I'm afraid your Word document isn't behaving as you'd hoped - I have: Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1 Contact Us This may be teething problems with the new software: if you want to ask in the Problems area please do.
  2. Horrible news filtering in from Manchester at the moment: my heart goes out to everyone involved, and I do hope none of our members or their loved ones are.
  3. And have they stopped making the Clarnico mint creams? I really used to like them, but can't see them in any of the supermarkets any more.
  4. Could someone elucidate, please? Am I likely to end up with a migraine through having lights shone in my eyes, for example? No. It was called, surprise, surprise: Symphonic Dances, I think. Anyway, any more thoughts on the second cast, please?
  5. Did I mention that I bought a pack of Murray Mints recently (also produced by Bassetts, I think)? They didn't taste remotely like Murray Mints.
  6. It has: for a start, Mauro Bigonzetti did a version for English National Ballet - I'd guess that was back last century. Didn't it involve several sofas, or something?
  7. Okay, I've just looked at my e-ticket for tonight, and found that Symphonic Dances is showing at 45 minutes. Now, I know from years of experience that the Rachmaninov runs to 35 minutes or thereabouts, so can anyone explain the discrepancy, please? Also very disappointed to see that, from an alleged running time of 2 hours 30 it is now 2 hours 55. That's a big difference for anyone needing to catch trains etc., and I'm disappointed that it is such a difference, given that the running times of the pieces should have been known - and that 5 minutes appear to have been lopped off Strapless.
  8. I'd been planning on doing that this afternoon, until Real Life got in the way Hoping they'll bring it back soon, but glad to hear it's as good as it ever was. And it's time Swansong came back, talking of Christopher Bruce works ...
  9. I can't see it would do any good, Fonty. Plus it doesn't change the fact that I'm now well behind schedule, with 4 deadlines tomorrow Incidentally, there are 2 separate sets of building works (at least!) going on within eyesight - not to mention however many it is round the corner. *All* of them seem to involve *really* squeaky wheelbarrows. I swear I shall go out and offer them a can of oil if they don't shut up soon!
  10. When I was doing my Sadler's Wells bookings, I stupidly didn't have the Royal Ballet summer season pencilled into my diary, and have booked DESH - which I've seen several times already - right in the middle of some unmissable triple bills. If anyone's interested in the ticket, send me a PM, otherwise I'll return it to the box office nearer the time. The ticket is Second Circle D3, slightly restricted view, and discounted from £20 to £16 with the - sadly no longer available - MultiBuy discount.
  11. Some people cover many roles for years and never get to do a show, but Ms Takada seems to be benefitting very nicely from being a cover . I suppose there are times when it's easier just to drop someone into the role who wasn't originally cast, rather than move casts around. Oh, and because I can't be bothered to look out the appropriate thread, there are currently some returns for most performances of the Ashton bill online, in case anyone's still looking.
  12. (Physically) close neighbours who swan off for months on end while they have major building works done, leaving their poor neighbours to be subjected to all the noise, vibration and so on for week, and don't even have the courtesy to warn the neighbours that said building works are going to be taking place. I have to sit here with ear defenders on at times, and they make me feel sick. Not only that, but yesterday's works have, I think, screwed up any chance I might still have had of getting to see Rambert in "Ghost Dances"