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  1. I have one ticket for sale - stalls seat B 13 - £28.00. This might be the second row unless more seats have been added in front which could push us back four or five rows- I have no idea whether they have done this or not. The performance starts at 7.30. I bought this for my wife but she is now unable to attend but I am attending so can exchange the ticket for cash on the night. First come first served.
  2. Just back from watching Angels in America at the National. We saw both plays on the same day, the first started at 1pm finishing at 4pm and the second from 7pm till 11 pm. Whilst the subject matter is awful, AIDS, it has been done with much humour and amazing performances from the company, how does anyone remember over 7 hours of dialogue? The whole run is sold out but they have regular lotteries for tickets but both parts are being shown at cinemas live on different days. If you get the chance go and see it, it is a hard watch with no punches pulled but the production directed by Marianne Elliott ( War Horse and Dog in the night time) is worth the effort. Just Fantastic.
  3. I have a feeling they don't print the cast list until the day of the performance or the day before. The reason I think this is that when Olivia replaced Sarah in Mayerling the other day it was Olivia's name that appeared in the cast list not Sarah's, not even a change sheet was needed.
  4. Olivia says "all the best in his next adventure. He will be greatly missed at The Royal Ballet, always professional , hardworking and incredibly kind to work with. You were an absolute joy Joey, much love 👊🏻." which doesn't sound like he is staying at the RB.
  5. Olivia has just posted a photo on Instagram wishing Johannes good luck. Is he leaving?
  6. Fantastic performance tonight. Having seen all three of their shows this was, for me, the most intense and Edward was much more fearsome and deranged than previously. Natalia does not know the meaning of fear and Frankie is not far behind either, they just "went for it" and it was fabulous. What a great performance from Olivia as well, she showed me she is not out of place with a principal role. Nela was just Nela, wonder why she has not been given a go as Mary. Sorry to gush but I had such a good time tonight.
  7. It seems no one is surprised with Sergie.
  8. Sarah has been busy lately, Larisch and Mary in this run plus lots of rehearsals as well. Body saying enough? Nice to see Olivia dance it though.
  9. Mine was watching Mr Kish as Frankenstein. He rarely seems to have danced over the last couple of years, injuries I believe, but his Frankenstein really touched me.
  10. I have been so much looking forward to these performances and last nights was not a disappointment. Fantastic cast, but as mentioned above, the talent in the RB is so great that any cast will deliver. I must admit that I much prefer "narrative" ballet over abstract, to so many Jewels was the bees knees but it left me cold. Beautifully danced I am sure but not for me. This is narrative in spades, so many story lines and characters its hard to keep up. This is only my second viewing and my first with Ed Watson as Rudolph, my previous experience of Mayerling was the final performance by Alina and Johan at the RB so the ballet was almost secondary to the emotion of the evening. I digress. All the cast delivered. Natalia and Ed were everything you could wish for and I cant wait for Tuesday. Regarding poor Romany, how many time would she have danced the role with that dress on, because it was obvious to me, and what do I know, that it was too big for her. I can't believe that Sarah had danced the role of Mary in a matinee performance and then Larisch in the evening, how do they do that. The whole cast brought something to the evening and I loved it.
  11. I was sitting in row C in the centre block and had a perfect view although you lose much of the facial expressions but you make up for that seeing the patterns created by the dancing.
  12. Taken from the ROH web-site. A number of dancers will join The Royal Ballet for the forthcoming 2017/18 Season. William Bracewell will join as a Soloist. Born in Swansea, Bracewell trained at the Pamela Miller Ballet School and the Royal Ballet School. In 2007 he won the Young British Dancer of the Year Award and was awarded the Grand Prix at the 2010 Youth America Grand Prix. He joined Birmingham Royal Ballet in 2010 and was promoted to Soloist in 2014. Bracewell was awarded the Critics' Circle National Dance Award for Outstanding Male Performance (classical) in 2015. Also joining the Company as Artists will be Giacomo Rovero, Francisco Serrano and Charlotte Tonkinson, members of the 2016/17 Aud Jebsen Young Dancers Programme and former students from the Royal Ballet School. Five further dancers will join The Royal Ballet as part of the Aud Jebsen Young Dancers Programme 2017/18. This year-long contract for young graduates will be taken up by Joonhyuk Jun, Joshua Junker, Sae Maeda, Nadia Mullova-Barley and Aiden O’Brien. Stanislaw Wegrzyn will join the Company as Prix de Lausanne dancer for the 2017/18 Season. Details of promotions for the forthcoming Season will be announced in due course.
  13. My initial reaction is one of slight disappointment. I was hoping they might give Nutcracker a year off. Full runs for Alice and Winters Tale does nothing for me and, whilst I adore Giselle and have absolutely loved both of the ENB versions, I think it will be the casting that will draw me in. Could we see a Frankie and/or Yasmine debut? The thrill for me will be the anticipation of could we see the wonderful Alina back on the RB stage, That is something I will definitely be getting a ticket for.
  14. I agree with your comments Janet and I have received confirmation from Tamara that they are filming the Sadlers Wells shows with a view for a DVD release. I did report this on another thread but I can't remember which one.