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  1. Tests show that that it is not pneumonia, so that's good news at least.
  2. Some birthday for Livs, she just tweeted that she is in hospital with pneumonia in both lungs. Tweet her some love on @damegrace.
  3. Tickets have now gone to a good home.
  4. I have a pair of tickets for the Sunday matinee performance on 9th July at 11.30 - Amphitheatre Left - K - 49 and 50 - £25 each face value. Prefer to sell as a pair so if you want both be quick.
  5. Mine to RuthE, strange piece yet very compelling. I also loved the three boys dancing Solo. Joshua Junker; Fernando Martin-Gullans and Augustus Payne - stunning performances. I hope both of these are performed at the matinee on the 9th in the ROH. I also loved See Blue Through - danced by Katharina Nikelski and Harris Bell two very talented people. To be fair all the performers are hugely talented otherwise they would not be in the school. If I was picking one it would be Harrison Lee. I saw him last year in a more contemporary piece and this year he displayed his brilliance in the classical genre with Swan Lake with a bit of MacMillan thrown in for good measure. Hope the RB sign this young man up, he would face some extraordinarily talented young men but it could be the challenge that leads him to the next step.
  6. I too would love a DVD but I wonder if the ROH would put the curtain call on You Tube, I would enjoy watching that again.
  7. If you go on Instagram and follow bstix_brunell or Nela they have posted photos from tonight. what a wonderful night, Dream was a dream, Takada is a gem, Steven was Steven, the other roles were lovely too. SV was a total joy, such precision and control was amazing, Nela and Vadim are some pairing, M & A with Zen was the cherry on the top. And finally a wonderful send off for her, I am sure others can fill in the all those. On stage I saw Ed, Frederico, Steven,, from the past Anthony, Jonathan and Carlos, Monica was there and Kevin made a lovely speech. The cheering and applause was loud and long. What a night, Wonderful. yes, I have gushed, but I don't care.
  8. I think you can bring flowers but the throwing is done from on high by ROH staff. I have never seen, other than the odd one, thrown from the stalls, too far - they would finish up in the orchestra which is no good for the instruments nor the players. You could leave them at the stage door I suppose.
  9. Does anyone know the cast list for today's rehearsal?
  10. I have one ticket for sale - stalls seat B 13 - £28.00. This might be the second row unless more seats have been added in front which could push us back four or five rows- I have no idea whether they have done this or not. The performance starts at 7.30. I bought this for my wife but she is now unable to attend but I am attending so can exchange the ticket for cash on the night. First come first served.
  11. Good few tickets on sale - go to website quick.
  12. Just back from watching Angels in America at the National. We saw both plays on the same day, the first started at 1pm finishing at 4pm and the second from 7pm till 11 pm. Whilst the subject matter is awful, AIDS, it has been done with much humour and amazing performances from the company, how does anyone remember over 7 hours of dialogue? The whole run is sold out but they have regular lotteries for tickets but both parts are being shown at cinemas live on different days. If you get the chance go and see it, it is a hard watch with no punches pulled but the production directed by Marianne Elliott ( War Horse and Dog in the night time) is worth the effort. Just Fantastic.
  13. I have a feeling they don't print the cast list until the day of the performance or the day before. The reason I think this is that when Olivia replaced Sarah in Mayerling the other day it was Olivia's name that appeared in the cast list not Sarah's, not even a change sheet was needed.
  14. Olivia says "all the best in his next adventure. He will be greatly missed at The Royal Ballet, always professional , hardworking and incredibly kind to work with. You were an absolute joy Joey, much love 👊🏻." which doesn't sound like he is staying at the RB.