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  1. Stuttgart Ballet certainly knows how to celebrate its stars. Thanks for posting this, it was quite lovely.
  2. Speaking as a North American where such fundraising appeals have been standard in the arts for decades, I was quite surprised by the negative backlash. For that matter, I believe BRB used similar tactics a few years ago for their new Cinderella. Many donors like to understand the value of their donation in these terms, rather than having it swallowed up into some vague operating fund. It is also a way of educating the audience as to how much things cost... yes, even the spirit gum for the facial hair.
  3. I still think it would be worth investigating whether it wouldn't make more sense in terms of time, money, and ease of travel for her to fly into Dulles and go directly to wherever she's staying in view of her special circumstances. but if they don't allow that, I would definitely say leave at least 90 minutes - 2 hours between connecting flights. It depends on the airport and how far she has to go from her arrival gate to her departure gate, and in my experience clearing US customs and immigration can be very slow (and I'm a Canadian so it should be easier for me) and who knows what it's like now. Also they make you retrieve your baggage and then take it to another conveyor to your next flight, and if there are a lot of people doing that the queue can be long and slow. It's really not efficient (hence my advice to avoid connecting flights if at all possible!). Or she could take a taxi from Dulles to Reagan for $65US according to this website: It takes about an hour according to Google maps.
  4. Why does she need to get to Reagan airport if her course is in Washington? International flights fly into Dulles airport and there is transportation into DC from there.
  5. BUY IT!! It's worth it for Sarah Mearns's Walpurgisnacht Ballet alone. Plus, we have so little Balanchine on DVD. And Symphony in C!!! Who WOULDN'T want a video of Symphony in C? <<heading right over to amazon website now, thanks for the heads up>>
  6. all the seats are in a clump together in the same part of the house. Not two seats here, another two seats four rows back and to the side, etc., as would happen if your explanation were correct.
  7. The best seats in the house rows H-L centre in the orchestra stalls. Seems to me something VERY suspicious is going on with ticket booking at ROH.
  8. Does anyone know how reliable/punctual the Chiltern Railways service between Marylebone Station and Oxford is (weekday daytime)? Thanks.
  9. I think you had us all wondering. Especially after the Project Polunin thread....
  10. Well, actually I could list many: by Neumeier, Bintley, Dawson, Peck, Ratmansky, Forsythe, and others. I could also list many many Balanchine works that haven't survived. Only about 75 of the over 400 ballets he created are actually in the rep at the moment. And frankly I am getting a bit tired of every thread (like this one, which is currently about BERLIN) being hijacked with this "It isn't like the golden old days of Ashton, Balanchine, Tudor and Robbins" refrain, much as I love those choreographers.
  11. if you do a google search you do find that it was mentioned: BBC Radio 4 - Desert Island Discs, Carlos › Factual › Life Stories Jan 2, 2005 - Sue Lawley's castaway is the dancer Carlos Acosta. Carlos Acosta is one of the greatest ballet dancers of his generation. He is the first black principal dancer at ... Carlos Acosta's Tocororo - A Cuban Tale - Sep 11, 2005 - Hot and unstoppable, Cuban ballet superstar Carlos Acosta is enjoying a meteoric rise on the international dance scene. He was the first black principal at The ...
  12. VickyPage, your review made me laugh out loud! oh dear.
  13. I tried that, searched on for "robertparker", "Robert Parker" etc but no luck
  14. Elmhurst Artistic Director Robert Parker is running the 2017 Virgin London Marathon in aid of the MS Society. If someone can figure out how to donate, please post here.