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  1. well that's a shocker. any idea why?
  2. Yes indeed, but book in advance. Katherine's Viennese Cafe Crawl here: The stalls are not very well raked. There are about 5 rows at the back of the main floor which are well raked (except for the first row of that section). Otherwise try to get an inside aisle seat, but not in the first three rows or your view will be blocked by the conductor. If you can get front row seats (other than the aisle because of the conductor problem) you will have a good view.
  3. awesome, awesome. Words fail. If ever a male dancer deserved a bouquet, Ed Watson did! It looked kind of ridiculous to me, all the women getting flowers and none for him. Penelope I am so glad you gave him flowers!!!
  4. "has decided to withdraw" according to ROH website. Hmmm.
  5. about time, considering it opens tomorrow!
  6. I think this comment would come as a big surprise to the dancers in Mayerling.
  7. I have to say I find this ban on male dancers receiving flowers on stage downright WEIRD. I have never heard of such a thing. I have had flowers presented on stage to my favourite male dancer in Toronto, Stuttgart, and at the New York State Theatre (when Stuttgart Ballet was on tour there). Why does this rule exist?
  8. If we didn't have these filler moments, Rudolf would have to be on stage dancing even more than he is already, which would obviate the need for a suicide pact as the dancer would be dead long before the end of act 3.
  9. I think that's a bit harsh about David Bintley, who in my opinion produces good ballets. Besides, when a choreographer is the AD of a company, that company tends to be a showcase for their work. Think Balanchine, for instance, but any number of other companies that are run by choreographers.
  10. I think we should all stop using the word "tutu" in favour of " stiff sticky-out skirt bit ".
  11. Demmel's not that expensive. If you're only there for three days, my tactic is usually to dispense with real food altogether (ok maybe a schnitzel at t he Palmenhaus...) and just eat cake. Seriously, it won't kill one, will it, for three days? and otherwise how can you visit all those cafes? I feel one is insulting Viennese culture if one neglects to take advantage of these things.
  12. I would say so. I went to Vienna several times before I did the Mayerling thing. Check out my "Katherine's Viennese cafe crawl" and some hotel recommendations here:
  13. There are organized coach half-day trips that leave from in front of the opera house, go into the Vienna woods, stop at Heiligenkreuz Abbey (which is quite lovely) for a tour, then proceed on to Mayerling, where there is a visitor centre. Mayerling is a must-see for ballet lovers or people interested in the Hapsburgs but otherwise I would say not all that interesting. The coach tour also visits a large underground lake which is quite interesting. You can't get to Mayerling easily by train. Depending on how long you are in Vienna, there are so many things to see in Vienna itself I wouldn't take time out for the Mayerling trip.