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  1. It is next Saturday 6th May, not June, that these are on.
  2. The Return fare from Holyhead to Liverpool is £40.30 and either buy in station or use a train company website that don't charge a booking fee, which is most of them.
  3. I enjoyed it, but I don't know enough on the subject to know whether it was accurate or not. I am sure you will not have to wait too long for it to be repeated on BBC4.
  4. Same with me, I am using Chrome browser.
  5. Didn't go into booking but the rest seemed to be working fine for me.
  6. More likely the final part of Vienna: Empire, Dynasty and Dream with Simon Sebag Montefiore, which isn't currently available on i-player.
  7. Try : http://www.bolshoi.ru/en/performances/813/roles/#20170409180000
  8. The Bolshoi cinema broadcasts for 2017-18 have been announced: 22 OCTOBER 2017 Le Corsaire Live from Moscow 26 NOVEMBER 2017 The Taming of the Shrew Captured live on Jan 24, 2016 17 DECEMBER 2017 The Nutcracker Captured live on Dec 21, 2014 21 JANUARY 2018 Romeo and Juliet New production Live from Moscow 04 FEBRUARY 2018 The Lady of the Camellias Captured live on Dec 06, 2015 04 MARCH 2018 The Flames of Paris New production Live from Moscow 08 APRIL 2018 Giselle Captured live on Oct 11, 2015 10 JUNE 2018 Coppélia Live from Moscow The information gathered from the Pathe website (in english): http://www.pathelive.com/programme/the-bolshoi-ballet-2017-2018-1#programme The french version has more info on the individual productions at present, I don't read french so I don't know why The Flames of Paris is down as a new production. The Romeo & Juliet is by Ratmansky, so new to the Bolshoi.
  9. Last year the Bolshoi announcement of the 2016/17 season was in early May.
  10. Yes South Asian and Contemporary to come after the Ballet next week but I don't know in which order.
  11. Street dance tonight and ballet next week, don't know about the rest.
  12. Viktoria Tereshkina? I have not seen her but she seems to have less negative reviews than some of the others, except Kondaurova.
  13. The dancer with the biggest exposure this past year in the UK must be Alessandra Ferri with the Boots adverts as well as the Woolf Works publicity, but how many people have actually taken in who she is?
  14. Sadlers Wells likes new productions so that is why Arcadia is there. Maybe BRB think La Baiser is a better fit with Arcadia and Penguin Cafe than one of the Macmillan pieces. Or maybe BRB feel that they don't need to celebrate Macmillan in London as there is a resident company there that can do that.
  15. Southampton and Bristol have only become regulars these last two years. Corder's Baiser was created in 2008. I wasn't keen on it myself, not sure if it was the music or the choreography. I quite liked the costumes but I can't remember the set at all.