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  1. Well done! Nice to hear of British girls getting an opportunity to experience Royal Ballet Summer programmes!
  2. The street dance comps that students from our dance school participate in have a few different categories: teams which take their own music and each team performs individually; solos and duos which most students pre choreograph a routine based on a set amount of BPM they all perform together and get whittled down. The IDTA freestyle awards take a similar approach everyone takes part in a class then there are solos where everyone dances together. The modern awards everyone takes part in a class then solos are performed individually with a time limit of 30seconds I think (well it was when I went a few moons back!)
  3. Apparently Matthew Bourne was at the mids assessment on Wednesday?
  4. Oh I can see my 2 little students! How lovely!
  5. I think the smiley lady was Miss Farrell, one of the dc who auditioned this morning recognised her from the JA experience day. All the kids I have auditioning today are year 4, perhaps yesterday was a mix of 5&6? In previous years year 4 sept-dec birthdays have auditioned together and so on? I assumed the same would apply this year.
  6. Miss Farrell is sat on the panel today, first 2 have had their audition and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 2 more this afternoon and then the waiting begins, beginning of July! I'm praying that they will arrive mid June though like they have in previous years Good luck to all the other DC auditioning, enjoy the experience and remember to smile, happy dancers are always the nicest to watch!
  7. I get the impression Miss Pain is a very different sort of teacher. Miss Farrell has watched the mid assessments todays, so she must be on the panel this year!
  8. She's so lovely and Miss Murphy Both my former JAs loved her classes. My friend used to have Miss Farrell for Mids, I'm hoping she starts teaching Mids again!
  9. Miss Farrell?
  10. Mine are auditioning tomorrow all year 4 entry!
  11. How bizarre? Are they scrapping or closing auditions to year 10/11?
  12. It's assessments tomorrow and my pupil is a bit nervous! So am I! It is very hard to get a place, she's one of only 5 in her year group. I'm biased but I think she's the most beautiful dancer, just hoping they see what I see tomorrow
  13. Does anyone know how many students are assessed out of mids each year? Is it quite common to be assessed out?
  14. Great minds sarahw