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  1. A little boy I teach started with ballet and tap before being horribly bullied at school and dropping ballet and tap for street and breakdance. I stuck at it with him, he came to watch classes, joined in one week quit the next eventually he properly rejoined, now he tells me "ballet is in his soul" Luckily our school has 17 boys between the ages of 6-16 in ballet classes so there is no "ballet is just for girls" as there are olenty of role models for the younger boys to look up to. If you can find boys ballet classes it will make a huge difference or even just a partner in crime. I think the RAD, Hammond and Tring all offer schemes aimed at getting boys into ballet, that might be the way to go?
  2. I'm struggling to think of any ballet schemes where tap is compulsory? The only scheme I can come up with is Tap Attack, which obviously focuses on tap! At best tap is an optional extra, but certainly not compulsory. I know some teachers advise against tap, for ballet orientated kids
  3. According to the ballet west website, they are still auditioning? I believe KSD in Warrington also have places available. I would contact both and ask about late auditions. May also be worth contacting northern ballet school. Have you spoken to Elmhurst for feedback?
  4. Balletmum55 I wonder if we have a mutual friend- if so I saw your dd dance a few years ago and she was lovely
  5. I use music by David Plumpton and Alessio de Franzoni. My juniors love it
  6. The catch me if you can musical is very upbeat and jazzy! My seniors love it
  7. There is a sports physio in Leek, they have a treatment room above Cave Fitness. I'll find out the name of the other one that one of our shared students used for a hip injury.
  8. Thank you!
  9. What ages please?
  10. Sarahw and Hairbelles I'm with you on the tears! Students exam results, students disappointments, students achievements- I think I'm a bit soppy! Even today, I've managed to fill up because a group of kids ive taught since they were tots have taken their last musical theatre exam, I need to get a grip
  11. I second the Graham Fletcher associate programme. He's absolutely brilliant!
  12. Easter TooMuch
  13. Has she had a growth spurt? Feet can change all manner of different ways during a growth spurt- they can go longer, fatter, thinner!
  14. My tricks for the arabesque monster photo.... Start in first position Prepare the arms Get someone to hold their hand Use tummy muscles Then slowly keeping everything still take the leg back to arabesque remembering big toe on the floor When they are balanced let go of hand and take multiple photos AS FAST AS YOU CAN until they fall over Its so so hard!
  15. My student last year was SWL for SS and was a White Lodge finalist