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  1. Fantastic news! Well done !
  2. I think it is marked as education offsite?
  3. Several students at our school, repeatedly auditioned for RBS and with the exception of one boy who received SWL twice, they all got flat No letters. All 6 of them are heading to various vocational schools in September, some still following the ballet route others contemporary, musical theatre or commercial. RBS is exceptional and a wonderful experience for all those selected, but it is not the be all and end all
  4. BBO associate northern results are out! Lots of yeses for our school and some very happy children
  5. Year 4 and 24 sessions. The photo from Instagram is such a lovely memento for them
  6. Girl, although I haven't heard from her about whether she attended or how it went!
  7. One of my super boys has been offered a place for Birmingham 😬
  8. Yes Birmingham are out- well the No letters are
  9. They are normally pretty close together. Tutugirl I agree... sometimes think the teachers have it worse, so many kids to stress about!
  10. My students mum spoke to them yesterday and they made it seem like they were inviting very very few for the auditions
  11. Is your DD year 8 too? From the phone call yesterday the artistic director has been really brutal with who is invited, I think it's a real honour to be invited regardless of the outcome
  12. One of my students has been invited to audition for year 8
  13. Just had a flyer for this in the post... A nice alternative to pure ballet for the jazzerinas
  14. Well done! Nice to hear of British girls getting an opportunity to experience Royal Ballet Summer programmes!
  15. The street dance comps that students from our dance school participate in have a few different categories: teams which take their own music and each team performs individually; solos and duos which most students pre choreograph a routine based on a set amount of BPM they all perform together and get whittled down. The IDTA freestyle awards take a similar approach everyone takes part in a class then there are solos where everyone dances together. The modern awards everyone takes part in a class then solos are performed individually with a time limit of 30seconds I think (well it was when I went a few moons back!)