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  1. Yes a BOGOF may be handy......
  2. Yes my dd got to dance with the current students at SS last week. She said their standard was high - bit vague. They did ballet/rep/contemporary and body conditioning. There is a thread on here for BW questions which some current students respond to. Maybe try there?
  3. Another option is KS Dance in Warrington - they have a Dancer's Course and a Classical Course both leading to the Trinity Diploma and they do teaching quals as well.
  4. That's a good point taxi. In my above posts Rambert has self corrected - sorry. An alternative option is the RAD BA Degree in teaching.
  5. Katie** I think you will find decisions easier to make if you know what your dd wants to do in the future. If she wants to perform professionally then that would be a lot more likely from a place such as Ramsey or Trinity Laban. My understanding from the threads that have been on here are that most university courses do not have enough high level technical training to support such a career although I'm happy to be corrected! Why not ask the Associate teacher for their opinion on your dd chances of getting into Ramsey etc? Good luck! My dd is same age and it's a minefield. ....
  6. 😂😂😂😂😂😂. The roller coaster starts again....
  7. I've just phoned the shop and the lady sounds knowledgeable and was very helpful. Will repost once been!!
  8. Thank you! Do they have lots of brands?
  9. Hi Just wondering if anyone has used this shop for pointe shoe fittings? Would welcome any opinions. DD wants to try a new shop and trying to work it around other commitments! Many thanks
  10. Where else are you considering Lilac?
  11. An innocent remark I think Fiz!!
  12. I had to start moving glasses and things off surfaces near my non dancing son recently when he grew and didn't know how long his arms were - like having a toddler again 😂😂😂😂