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  1. I'm sorted, thanks to Now Voyager - very much appreciated! Many thanks. Jacky
  2. Bumping this, more in hope than expectation .......
  3. Due to an unexpected turn of events, I have 2 tickets for 'An American in Paris' this coming Saturday matinee (14.00). They're at the back of the stalls, face value £29.50 each but will happily sell for £20 each. They're e-tickets so I can email them. Let me know if anyone is interested. Many thanks Jacky
  4. Bumping this in hope ... Jacky
  5. i'm looking for one cheap ticket (SCS would be ideal) for Swan Lake on Aug 1st eve. Many thanks and fingers crossed Jacky
  6. Linda: Like you, I can't recall a RB production with both Zen and Acosta, but she appeared with him in most/all of the "Carlos Acosta and Friends" shows that he ran at The Wells and in the Coliseum. and of course they did Elizabeth together ..... which was stunning!
  7. Just got a SCS ticket on the ROH website and there are more available if anyone else is looking. Jacky
  8. Thank you for the offer - very much appreciated - but I find the Amphi generally difficult to cope with. I hate heights! But thank you again, and I'll keep looking. Jacky
  9. I still haven't managed to see this programme, so I'm now looking for a SCS ticket for the last performance on 31st May. Let me know if anyone has a spare. Many thanks Jacky
  10. Due to a sudden and unexpected family problem I won't make the performance tomorrow evening. I have SCS D26 £6 - it's an eticket that I can email. Let me know if anyone would like it. I'm disappointed to miss it!! Jacky
  11. Sorted now, thank you. Jacky
  12. Yes please, Lee. Will you be there? Jacky
  13. Due to a last-minute change of plans, I'm looking for a SCS ticket for the evening of May 24th. If anyone has a spare I'd be grateful! Many thanks Jacky