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  1. Rhys Yeomans has just graduated from ENBS and has a contract with ENB.
  2. Sheila at Just Ballet will probably be able to advise you re an alternative source?
  3. This sounds wonderful! What are the dates please?
  4. Centrepointe in Manchester might be worth a look too.
  5. We were told that pain in the heels during a growth spurt was caused by Severs disease - but as usual it's because of the disparity in length of muscles/bones due to the sudden growth. Wishing your son not many more episodes of heel pain along with the Bambi look!
  6. It may have been ok if you had asked your son to wear the shoes around the house while still slightly damp with thick socks over the top - that seems to stretch them back to the original size (or did with satin shoes anyway). I washed a couple of pairs of DD's satin shoes and they were ok fit-wise when she did this. You sometimes need to roughen the suede soles after washing.
  7. This is terribly sad news. He touched so many people during his short life. Rest in peace, Bradley.
  8. Just Ballet! Their online service is amazing and the shop itself is in Wisbech.
  9. Dancingmummy, do the school know what an achievement this is? I know that DD's primary school was accustomed to girls winning medals and trophies at dance festivals and never made too much of their achievements, especially as they seemed to be bringing in medals after every weekend. If they don't appreciate the competition for JA places and just what an honour it is to be selected for RBS training, they won't realise how amazingly well your DD has done. It is akin to being selected for county sports teams or youth orchestras etc. If if I were you I would write a short paragraph detailing the competition for JA places and take it in to give to the headteacher for inclusion in the end of term newsletter and ask that your DD is also congratulated in assembly if that is what happens with sporting or musical achievements.
  10. How lovely to have the Ninette de Valois Choreography award-winning work on show! Is Skya Powney a relative of Christopher Powney?
  11. We once overheard a teacher from a different dance school advising a student to put cotton wool or lambs wool into the 'baggier' bits at the side of her satin shoes. We both had to leave the room before the giggles overcame us as we had visions of the poor girl dancing her solo with lumps of wool flying out of the shoes....
  12. They look quite deep in the vamp and may well be the best fit possible 'off the shelf'. We found that many satin shoes had shapes that weren't particularly suitable for DD's narrow feet and seemed to have extra material at the sides or by the toes even when they were technically a good fit for her. I think Roch Valley were the only satin shoes that seemed to fit correctly without doing the 'wash them, dry them in the dryer and then wear them with thick socks over the top when almost dry' trick to shrink them. And typically Roch Valley shoes were never the easiest make to find!
  13. High jump and hurdles are definitely events where ballet dancers shine! DD is also a sprinter although it does make me laugh that she runs on the balls of her feet in very balletic fashion - her physio commented on this too.
  14. The old intermediate (now Adv 1) was truly foul. I cannot imagine how horrid the old Advanced (now Adv 2) was - although I think the current Adv 2 is horrendous, quite rightly!
  15. DD always put a pair of socks on over new shoes to keep them clean while she wore them around the house (treading carefully to avoid slipping!) so they felt softer and moulded to her feet whilst remaining clean.