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  1. You can access RAD teacher training with ISTD Intermediate.
  2. Good grief Pictures, I hope that if it was only a suspension from examining bodies it was at least a lengthy one? I would have thought that faking exam certificates merited disbarring/expulsion.
  3. Oh Lisa, I hope she is safely back home soon.
  4. The thread is called 'Elmhurst extra audition date' but I'm afraid I'm clueless about how to do a link if that's possible!
  5. I think it was 3 or 4 years ago and only those children selected from their photos were auditioned. It was just the one audition date I believe. I seem to remember reading that some who had already auditioned that year did apply again even though there was, I think, a 'please don't apply if you have already auditioned this year', but can't remember whether they were auditioned. There is a thread on here about it which became quite lengthy!
  6. 73% is a merit. She would need 75% or more for a distinction.
  7. www.theballetretreat.com - the Leedscourse is sold out apparently but they may have a waiting list if you would prefer that to London.
  8. I think I have heard of an adult summer school called The Ballet Retreat, held in London and Leeds. I don't know dates etc I'm afraid.
  9. A Russian friend of mine felt that NATD ballet was close to how she had been trained as a youngster. Although I would have to agree that RAD ballet is widely recognised as a top ballet syllabus (and yes, their exams do require technical excellence along with musicality and expressiveness) and is known all over the world. Cecchetti ballet (part of the ISTD but different from ISTD Imperial ballet) is also an international syllabus (but I hear that their syllabus isn't updated regularly? I have no idea whether that is the case but have been told by more than one ballet teacher, both of whom initially trained as Cecchetti dancers but chose to teach - and in one case also to examine - RAD). As mph said, many dance schools which offer RAD ballet also teach ISTD or IDTA tap/modern/jazz - I'm not sure why unless the RAD ballet syllabus is preferred, as it would surely be easier to teach all dance styles with the same examining body. I do know that RAD teacher training isn't quick or easy - but at least that shows that RAD teachers are very well equipped to teach to high standards.
  10. Definitely worth a visit to the GP, Lisa - I hope you are given good advice on treatment and management. And also a very good reason for Sean to sew on his own buttons (he will need to know how when he goes to university) and to take over the potato peeling (that will also be needed when he goes away!).
  11. You're so right, Harwel.
  12. I'm so sorry to hear of your DD's worries, Xanthe. I agree with 2dancersmum in that when she is calmer, appealing to her intelligence in asking her whether these silly boys actually know what they are talking about in preference to her teachers and older girls might well work. I hope her teachers can help to reassure her (and maybe show her their feet!) And this is probabiy happening because they are jealous and in awe of her determination and ability. It will happen again and again - if not connected with dancing then in relation to something else - and it's very sad that at 7 your DD is already having to deal with this. She will be fine as long as she knows that your and her dad are in her corner and that she can tell you whatever is worrying her. Perhaps practising possible replies to future comments might help her feel in control? Along the lines of 'goodness, who told you that? I will ask my dance teachers what they think' or 'thank you for being worried about my feet/weight/whatever, I will check whether my teachers think I should be doing anything differently'.
  13. Ha ha, balletgremlin - DD would certainly agree! Allegros number 2 up to and including Adv Foundation don't lend themselves to leggier dancers - that was one of the reasons why DD was delighted to be told that Adv 1 suited her far better than Adv F and that she was therefore skipping Adv F! For some reason the Adv 1 allegro number 2 is not as legtwisting...
  14. Mine still does when in the mood, Fiz - also remains very slim so far...here's hoping...;)
  15. Aileen, I couldn't have put it better myself. I am tired of people's choices as to how they spend their own money being berated or mocked, as this 'reviewer' chose to do. We all have very different priorities and values and no-one should feel entitled to sit in judgment on others because they have different preferences in terms of how to spend their available money.