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  1. He is always very humble when he wins. But if he loses, it is never because the other person played better than he did! Anyway, we all have our favourites, in the tennis world as well as the ballet world. I can admire Federer's grace and style, I simply prefer other players. I don't care much for Djokovic either, because of his on court antics. Perfectly legal, the other players shouldn't let it get to them, but it just annoys me every time he does it. A player of his talent shouldn't have to resort to that sort of gamesmanship.
  2. I agree, Bridiem. I can't pass comment on Sambe, I don't know enough about him. But I love Campbell's acting, and am also disappointed.
  3. I've not seen Hayward with Sambe, but I thought she was establishing a partnership with Campbell?
  4. Two deeply disappointing finals. The first one was two sets, with a bagel in the second set. The second one was a limp 3 setter, lasting less than 2 hours. Cilic has played so well throughout the fortnight, so it was very sad to see him struggle so much. I would be surprised if it was the occasion. He is a grand slam winner, and very experienced.
  5. I don't think Titania is said to be blonde in the play, is she? My copy of MND is up in the loft at the moment, so I can't check, but I don't remember it. Can't think why Shakespeare would give her a particular hair colour. More to the point, why did Ashton want all the Titanias to have these horrible wigs?
  6. I so hope he doesn't. Although he is a wonderful tennis player, I find him unbelievably smug. As far as the ladies are concerned, I hope someone new wins it.
  7. Brilliant match, both girls played so well. It was a shame somebody had to lose, especially as I really like Halep. There have been some really good, exciting matches from the ladies this year. Much better value than the men's, in my opinion.
  8. That's the way I always do it, BBB. As I said, I was successful several years running when it was first introduced, but not had any luck for the last 3 years, in spite of logging in immediately every day. I've given up now, can't be bothered. However, I find it very odd indeed that when several of us tried, several days running, we were logged in within 10 seconds, only to be told nothing is available, all tickets have been sold. But you managed to buy something after 6 minutes! Edited to add, anti bot tests are a pain in the backside. Strangely, on two occasions I didn't have to take one at all. On another occasion, I had to go through 3 sets of pictures before it was satisfied.
  9. Am I missing something here? Is there something special about her being a Londoner? As far as I am concerned, it is far more interesting that we now have two new female principals who have come right the way through the RB school from White Lodge, to join the two existing ones.
  10. What can I say? I am absolutely devastated too. I fully expect Muller to go out in 3 limp sets in the next round. If he played like that every time, he would be world number 1. It reminded me a bit of the Australian semi final in 2009 (?), when Rafa was taken to 5 sets by Verdasco. It was the latter's best performance ever, he faded away after that, hasn't really produced anything like it since. Alison, I am surprised you thought the odds were high that either he or Cilic would put Rafa out. I know grass is not his best surface, but he has been playing very well.
  11. Good to see that the wish list for many has been fulfilled! All richly deserved .
  12. Ah, those were the days at Wimbledon! We also used to go by coach from school, get a ground pass, and rush for the standing places on Centre Court. And later, when I went independently, how well I remember hovering outside one of the gates for the CC, knowing that at some point somebody would hand me their ticket because they were leaving. I saw some fantastic play as a result. Happy days. Alison, I am surprised you say the queue wasn't closed until late morning last week. For the past few years, if you are not there by 7am, the guides tell you that you will not get in until after 4pm. Of course, some people are perfectly willing to wait nine hours or whatever, but I certainly would not be.
  13. Never been to Edgbaston, Aileen. But tickets for Eastbourne couldn't be easier: In the past, I used to just turn up on the day and buy a ticket. They are a bit more sophisticated now, you can buy them on line. Either book way in advance, or do like I do and wait until the weather forecast is available and then see what you can get. I've spoken about it to several people who went through the pain of the Wimbledon queue this year, and they have decided that they might give it a go next year. I hope I am not making this tournament so popular, that I won't be able to get in!
  14. Too hot? I was going to go and join the early morning queue on Thursday, but woke up with a terrible sort throat. In the end, I am quite glad I didn't go. I don't cope well with extreme heat. Now, is there anyone on this website who can explain to me why the BBC switched channels during the Murray match last night? Coverage for Wimbledon was supposed to be on BBC2 from 11.30am to 9.30pm (including Today at Wimbledon which gets jettisoned if a match overruns. Don't get me started on that one!) Murray started on 2 at about 6.30pm (?). So why, why, why did they swap him to BBC1 at 7pm, and put all the scheduled programmes for 1 on to 2. I was out last night, and came back to find I had a lovely recording of something other than tennis. Edited to add that this is apparently the number one complaint by tennis fans to the BBC. Shame they don't listen.
  15. At least you only had to keep it quiet for half an hour, Janet. I can't tell you how many times somebody has said to me, "Don't tell anyone, it's a secret, but....." followed by something I am meant to keep quiet about for a couple of weeks. I've never blabbed myself, but somebody always does, without fail!