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  1. Linda Moran, a ballet teacher at Central School of Ballet recently competed at the 5th IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships in Minsk and won several medals.
  2. The green moth is a Large Emerald I think.
  3. The people who need help the most will be the least likely (and the least able) to ask for it.
  4. Many schools are now severely constrained by budgets, and are cutting subjects such as dance and music out of the curriculum. The secondary school my dd used to go to has recently dropped A-level dance from the timetable (and that is a very large school). Teaching dance in schools might not be a very good career choice for the future if things carry on the way they are with funding.
  5. It's worth remembering that a lot of dancers who decide to go down the contemporary route do so at 18+, rather than starting vocational training at 16 which is more for ballet. Many of the degree-funded contemporary courses don't accept students under 18, so your dd has plenty of time, and will be able to do A-levels (she'll be thrilled at that news!!). They will come in very handy if she has a change of career choice in the future.
  6. Oh Sweetheart - you're putting yourself under too much pressure, and honestly, it isn't doing you any good... Pups Mum is right, I think you need a rest before you get injured. Your body is giving you all the warning signs. Is there any chance that you could give yourself a short break from dance before the summer school? Even if that means missing the festival?
  7. The Harlow one has been established for many years, and was founded by the late Leo Kersley, very well-known and respected.
  8. There is Cambridgeshire Youth Ballet; Three Counties Youth Ballet based in Hertfordshire; and there's Harlow Ballet Association and Chelmsford Ballet Company in Essex as well. They aren't associate programmes as such, they put on annual performances and invite local dancers to audition to take part. Don't know of anything in Norfolk or Suffolk though.
  9. Sheila Beelam - Just Ballet
  10. Funnily enough, that's exactly what's happening! He'll be fine It takes a little while for everything to catch up. It is a bit like playing tennis with a racquet a foot longer than you are used to, you can't hit the ball until you have re-developed the spatial awareness of a longer racquet and the time it takes to move to the right position. It is also worth taking it a bit easier in class for a bit, and leave out the stretching as the muscles are already stretched to try and catch up with the sudden increase in length of the bones.
  11. Try washing them inside-out. That worked with some tracksuit bottoms that dd had a while ago. (fills your washing machine with fluff instead!!)
  12. People who start a sentence with the word "So..." Not sure why it bugs me so much, but it does!
  13. A sprinter and they put her in the 1500m? How daft of them.
  14. It wasn't much fun - especially as it had been my job to prepare the departmental reports so the bosses could see which departments weren't profitable. So in a way I felt responsible that the axe was going to fall. I guessed why I was doing it, and my boss guessed that I had figured it out, so he confirmed it to me.
  15. I once worked in the finance department of a business in financial difficulties and I knew who was going to be made redundant. I had to keep quiet about it for several months, which wasn't easy as I knew them all, and several were quite close friends.