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  1. I was at the screening of Jewels in Littlehampton last night. I hadn't seen it for a long time & was really looking forward to it. However Emeralds was spoilt by audience behaviour! The woman next to me had a noisy, shiny bag of sweets & was sharing them out with her companions. So, instead of enjoying the ballet, I was sitting there thinking ' why can't they wait until the interval', ' can no one sit for less than an hour without putting something in their mouths' & ' why do manufacturers put sweets in such noisy bags' ? In the end I leant across & said 'do you mind'. Thankfully things improved during Rubies & Diamonds. Thoroughly enjoyed Diamonds. Marianela was truly stunning, couldn't take my eyes off her. Poor Thiago. I always think he is a better actor than a dancer. Also, wasn't Kirsten McNally a super presenter? I also enjoyed seeing those beautiful jewelled ballerinas. I wouldn't have minded taking one of those home....Dread to think how much they cost. Probably out of my price range 😁.
  2. Thank you, Janet. I also wanted to know who the dancers in blue were & the conductor, set designer & costume designer.
  3. Thank you so much for posting this Estreiiita. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. I actually thought the costumes were very pretty & loved the scenery in act 2. I liked the way the light kept changing. Wonderful dancing. My only complaint is that the credits moved too quickly so I couldn't see who was who.
  4. I have never seen Ghost Dances live although I have it on DVD. I just love the music & I get shivers down my spine when I watch it. I didn't get to see Rambert when they were in Brighton recently but have booked to see them at Sadler's Wells in May. Just hope ???? behave......
  5. I purchased a ticket for each of the matinée's before I had seen the casting. Initially I was disappointed, but then I figured that the first time I saw my now favorites I didn't know if I would like them either. So I shall attend each performance with an open mind. Annoying that the same dancers are in Don Q & La Bayadere though. I have to say that it is so irritating that the 'star' dancers don't seem to do matinée's. I would attend in the evening if I lived in London but there is always the concern of getting home or an expensive overnight stay! It seems ludicrous that in 2017 the last train home (for me) leaves before an evening performance has ended.
  6. I have been following this thread with interest but haven't posted my thoughts until now as they are so at odds with others! I am not a fan of McGregor & only went to the cinema screening to see Ferri.She did not disappoint. She is the epitome of elegance & grace & so expressive. It was also fabulous to see so many RB dancers who were stunning. But some of the movements are so ugly to me. Some pas de deux are more like wrestling matches & the lift where Osipova faced the audience with her legs splayed is just vulgar. I don't ' get' McGregor at all. Don't know how Woolf Works can be described as a masterpiece. To me it is more of ' The emperor's new clothes'. Sorry. I have put on my hard hat ready for the backlash. ????
  7. I can't stand the dance of the cygnets either!
  8. Oh my goodness! This reminds me of when I was sitting in the stalls circle for a performance of Fille a few years ago. A child next to me was flailing about & being a pain throughout the first act. In the interval she was still playing up & I told her to shut up, that she had spoilt my enjoyment. The mother told me that she was only 4 & that I should not abuse children.... She obviously spoke to an usher who more or less said I could have moved, which I couldn't have done without disturbing a lot of people....I was furious that my enjoyment had been spoiled & wrote to Tony Hall but I didn't get a very satisfactory reply.Susan
  9. So very sad to hear this. I met Peter many times. He was such a humble man with a wicked sense of humour. He gave me a pair of pointe shoes from Russia & a book signed by Anton Dolin & John Curry, which I treasure. Rest in peace, Peter.
  10. I have a DVD of Sylvie in Marguerite & Armand with Le Riche & Dowell. It was recorded in Japan in 2003 so probably not available now. You are welcome to borrow it, Quintus. Susan
  11. Oh, I travel from Angmering so stuck with Southern. Would love to meet you. I will let you know when I book ticket. Susan
  12. The Mayflower theatre is very close to the station, Lin. Hope Southern trains don't mess up..... I will probably book this performance too. Susan
  13. Oh, how I agree, Bruce! Susan