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  1. I'm assuming that some members here will probably know more than they feel able to reveal but generally speaking, before we all jump to conclusions, I think we should wait until more information emerges.
  2. I assume they ensured he was performance fit before billing him? I'm sure we will hear the cause in due course.
  3. I see Sergei Polunin has decided to withdraw from his two performances in Marguerite and Armand on 5th and 10th June. So much for the expectations I was building up for the 2017/18 season!
  4. And according to Stephanie, his wife! She would later record contemptuously: “Who was Mary Vetsera? One of many! He spent his last night with his friend, Vienna’s Grande Cocotte.” - by whom she meant Mizzy with whom she claimed he had spent the night before travelling to Mayerling.
  5. Speculation has been rife regarding the 13th Jan 1889, the date that she underlined in red in her diary. Gerd Holler, a doctor, a Mayerling enthusiast and key proponent of the pregnancy theory, was convinced that it was the day on which her pregnancy was confirmed. Fifteen days later, Mary and Rudolf went to Mayerling. Two days later they were both dead. Holler believed that her death was due to a failed abortion leading to a haemorrhage which could not be stemmed, followed by Rudolph’s suicide – just one of countless hypotheses, boosted by unsubstantiated reports/rumours of attendances by midwives on 28th Jan and 29th Jan, according to Holler’s theory to insert and, 24hrs later to remove a catheter in the uterus. There is nothing in her recently published letters to her family to support all this and that particular speculation seems pretty much discredited, along with theories of political assassination and so on.
  6. Thank you Johnpw. I'll certainly check that out.
  7. I so agree - particularly in his use of the Faust Symphony in the final stages. Liszt was a contemporary of and knew the Empress Elizabeth - in fact I'm sure I read somewhere he wrote a piece for her? I've been meaning to check if it was the song that the actress Katharina Schratt sings in the ballet but haven't got round to it. Does anybody know please?
  8. But also Sugar Plum Fairy and her Cavalier on 30/12 and 2/1. The performance that Hayward and Campbell are dancing Clara and the Nutcracker with Lamb and McRae on 5th Dec is the one scheduled for live cinema relay (the date shown at the side on the website is obviously wrong!). I understand that Opus Arte are issuing a DVD at some stage tho I am not sure whether it is to be the 2016 or the 2017 performance. Whatever the reason I shall still want to see Hayward and Campbell again in both roles!
  9. Yep - together, my grammar and I stand corrected!
  10. I think it's easy to forget that Mary was a teenager, presumably sophisticated in many ways because of her station in life but, as her letters show, quite naive - she said for example that her final wish was to be buried with her Rudolph. That wasn't going to happen! She told her chambermaid on Jan 13th 1889 "I no longer belong to myself alone, but only to him. From now on I must do everything he asks of me." Rudolph was nearly twice her age, very experienced, indeed had had an affair with her mother when she was only five years old. We talk about her as his partner in death etc but I see her very much as a victim.
  11. Thank you Bluebird for tipping us off re the cast postings so quickly.
  12. It’s all very speculative. What appears to be beyond dispute is that his physical and mental health had deteriorated alarmingly, primarily because of his sexual excesses and their consequences, so much so that Stephanie sought an audience with the Emperor to express her concern. He was in great pain, increasingly resorting to drugs, mainly injections of morphia supplemented with ether and alcohol, and he was morbidly depressed, preoccupied with thoughts of death and afraid, both of the hideous diseased future that lay ahead, and of dying alone. It was Mary’s ill fortune to be the chosen one in his solution to that particular worry!
  13. Sorry LinMMM - I don't think that one would run. It says a great deal for the integrity of the medical and legal authorities at the time that they refused to collude with the Imperial wish to invent explanations, for example that it was Mary who had killed the Crown Prince and then herself. They reported that the room was sealed thus precluding any possibility of an outside agency and that Mary was carefully laid out making it clear that she had died before Rudolf.
  14. I suppose the temptation is to see this as a kind of institutionalised elitism but the more likely and certainly the kinder explanation is that Mr O'Hare has said that casting details will be available prior to the booking date/s and that date must be imminent for Patrons? Meanwhile I'm afraid we lesser mortals must wait our turn. Hopefully it will not be too long.
  15. Well that is good news! Thanks.