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  1. Of course St Patrick's day, 17th Mach, is also Rudolf Nureyev's birthday.
  2. I'll risk being a bit party political here, but apparently Corbyn plans four new national holidays. I think that's a brilliant idea as the UK lags behind almost all the other European nations in this respect, particularly the Catholic ones. I don't think it would sway peoples voting intentions but it deserves consideration. The only problem is that two are in March and one shortly after in April, only St Andrew's Day comes in bank holiday-free autumn.
  3. Nureyev's hectic schedule was the main reason why he delegated rehearsals to other dancers, fair enough if the dancer was aware of what was happening, but I remember one dancer (with little English) after rehearsing SB with a completely different dancer thought it was a cast change and was completely thrown when Nureyev showed up to partner her on the night.
  4. McRae was pretty good in Diamonds too on Thursday evening. Emeralds not so great, really miss Benjamin and Rojo in that act.
  5. Andy Burnham? Chuka Umunna?
  6. And with Jeremy Corbyn as the feeble Red King?
  7. When I listened to the news this morning, there was great concern over the president of Turkey gaining the powers of a dictator in a dodgy election and even greater concern about the US squaring up to N. Korea in what the tabloids claim could be a run-up to WWIII .Since then it seems absolutely nothing has happened anywhere in the world apart from a proposed election. Good day to bury bad news? Oh, and has Kim Jung-Un declared war on America yet?
  8. I imagine the election has been called because the PM couldn't resist the siren calls of the opinion polls. Her party has a phenomenal lead, she plans to take advantage of it.
  9. Black Swans are native to Australia, any you might see elsewhere are imported. Cygnets are greyish/brownish in colour, if the four little swans wore that colour they would look as if their tutus were grubby.
  10. It's either/or depending on which hemisphere you're in.
  11. Russian companies have always been multi ethnic, at least since Soviet times, as the USSR incorporated so much of Asia.
  12. Sad that the much loved production of Boheme is being replaced and why do we have to trudge to the Roundhouse for Ulysses, is there a policy of not showing early opera in the main house? I totally agree with Lizbie1 concerning Britten, the exclusion of his operas is troubling. Wild horses wouldn't drag me to see the RO's Lucia again and without a stellar cast I'll give the ugly production of Don Giovanni a miss too. Semiramide and Lohengrin interest me most.
  13. On the other hand Villazon has the personality for Nemorino.
  14. Worth checking Facebook as people in the city are marking themselves as safe.