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  1. I heard Opening Night cast Symphonic Variations is Marianella Nunez, Vadim Muntagirov, Yasmine Naghdi, Yuhui Choe, James Hay and Tristan Dyer.
  2. The other cast last night were as outstanding as the opening night cast. James Hay and Marcelino Sambe were amazing in Vertiginous. Having seen all three Tarantella casts it was Zucchetti and Naghdi who brought real Italian flair to Tarantella. Her speed and beautiful extensions were truly impressive and she gave Tarantella just the right amount of flirtiness, lending it a soft comical edge, which clearly amused the audience. Valentino was also an absolute delight to watch. To me this was Balanchine's Tarantella danced at its best and a roaring audience seemed to agree. I'll skip Strapless, although beautifully danced by Lauren Cuthbertson, this ballet does nothing for me.Laura Morera and Matthew Ball were gorgeous in Symphonic Dances, and there was much to enjoy in this new Scarlett ballet but I found the red too overpowering at times! The middle all male section, dancing with Morera, was stunning. In the mixed Non Allegro and Lento Assai, it was Yasmine Naghdi alongside Mayara Magri - dancing with corps dancers - who gave both sections its particular force and beauty.
  3. That's correct Yaffa. The Aud Jebsen Young Dancers are not accepted by the RB on a full contract basis. They are simply given a year of experience to work alongside the RB dancers. Once their year as an Aud Jebsen dancer is over they may be considered by the AD for acceptance on a full contract basis, if not they will have to find work in another company.
  4. I'd love to see Naghdi as Manon. I strongly believe she would surprise us all over again... just as she did when she danced Juliet.
  5. jmhopton and balletyas I was equally very disappointed Yasmine Naghdi will barely appear in anything during the Autumn/Winter. Only in "Farewell" and two "Sugar Plum Fairy" performances??? For a dancer who has been truly impressive this Season (and all previous Seasons) in various highly classical roles as well as in other roles, it did come as a surprise indeed. I can only hope we'll get to see her a lot more in the Spring/Summer (such a long wait ). I honestly hope she's not being sidelined as I wouldn't want to see her leave the RB.
  6. Her language is simple appalling and totally unacceptable! Shame on the magazine that published such a review!
  7. I have seen Jewels performed by the RB in previous Seasons but never have I enjoyed it as much as this Season. The various casts have all been interesting to watch but if I had to choose THE Jewels cast it would be made up by Emeralds: Naghdi/Ball as principal couple with Moreira, Rubies: Lamb/McRae (although I very much loved Takada/Campbell !!) with Heap, and Diamonds: Nunez/Muntagirov. For me, each one of these dancers perfectly and totally captured the mood and style of Balanchine's Jewels. In this video we see Violette Verdy dance the 3 title roles and Naghdi/Lamb&Takada/Nunez just got it all right.
  8. Lovely article on Miss Takada. First time I saw her dance was in Life Fire Exercise. She was really impressive but she somehow "disappeared" thereafter. Now I know she was injured. She deserves all the praise as she was outstanding in Rubies. Good to see the RB Press directing the Times newspaper to focus on another very talented dancer, for a change.
  9. I really miss the Young British Dancer of the Year competition at the Linbury. It was such an exciting annual event. I used to attend together with my sister and we loved watching all those talented youngsters! We saw Lauren Cuthbertson, Sergei Polunin, Yasmine Naghdi, Reece Clark and Francesca Hayward win this competition.
  10. I very much regretted having paid money to see this show. I honestly felt being taken for a ride and borderline insulted. Does he really think the audience will take just about anything he throws at us? Never again!
  11. Thanks to this wonderful Forum we do get reviews of the various casts. I really feel Schadenfreude for those First Night newspaper critics who do not get to see some of the most stunning dancers in the company. Their loss!
  12. The current Triple Bill makes a lovely change after the long but very successful run of The Sleeping Beauty. The Royal Ballet is going from strength to strength with an abundance of talent amongst the new generation of dancers. What a fine company this is.The dancers have shown their incredible talents in the highly classical SB and now again in neo-classical and contemporary work. How versatile they all are! The evening for me belonged to three outstanding couples: Naghdi and Ball in Human Seasons, Yanowsky and Clark in After the Rain, McNally and Sambe in Flight Pattern. Naghdi/Ball showed such tenderness in their pas de deux, it melted my heart. It is her physicality, purity of movement and beauty of line, combined with Ball's gorgeous looks and strong dancing that made Human Seasons memorable.They bring beauty, youth and freshness to every role they dance. Yanowsky/Clark were equally beautiful to watch. I must admit they brought tears to my eyes knowing that Yanowsky is soon to leave, the end of her career is near...and here we see the stunning young Clark (is he really only a First Artist?) - at the beginning of what will certainly be a glorious career - dancing with the amazing Yanowsky at the end of her career. A very emotional duet. McNally/Sambe: all the dancers in Flight Pattern had their heart in this piece, and bravo to all of them. Sambe's performance was impressive, "screaming out loud" with his body as never seen before. The faces of the dancers are barely distinguishable but the one who really caught my eyes was Isabella Gasparini. Thank you to all the dancers for giving it their all, it was a wonderful evening indeed.
  13. I shall be very straightforward: it was a pretty awful evening to say the least...