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  2. Austrian and French newspapers report that Manuel Legris will not renew his contract for Vienna Opera Ballet, so he won't stay after the year 2020. Comment in English here A new ballet director for the company at the Austrian city of Graz: Beate Vollack, now director at the small company at St. Gallen, Switzerland, and a former dancer with Bavarian State Ballet, will join director Jörg Weinöhl, who leaves after three years.
  3. access to russian style ballet training - private lessons

    And don't forget Masters of Ballet Academy - also Russian.
  4. Matthew Hart as the Prince in Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake, showed exquisite pathos and vulnerability and made my cry Alina in Giselle....sobbed through the end of act 1, didn't we all ?
  5. Ticket for sale D53 stalls circle standing £8.00
  6. Ticket for sale D53 stalls circle standing £8.00
  7. Today
  8. Can anyone recommend a good physio in Manchester ideally located central Manchester or Salford. My daughter has pulled her intercostal muscle in her back or if anyone has any good advise about what exercises she could do to help her recovery.
  9. Adult Ballet Retreat

    Teaser Message from Hannah on the TBR facebook page , promising 2018 dates soon. https://www.facebook.com/theballetretreat/
  10. Thank you Janet, I shall have a look
  11. Hello BessieB and welcome to the Forum. I don't know if they give private lessons but there are 2 well known Russian ballet schools in London: Natalia Kremin Ballet School London Russian Ballet School There is also the Bristol Russian Ballet School.
  12. Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    Thank you everyone Distinction for Grade 6 too which I think is a miracle considering my shoe fell off! One of the other girls in my exam got 100% so the examiner may have been so dazzled by her she didn't notice my many inadequacies
  13. I think this just shows the RANGE of dancers who can be extraordinary performers but for different reasons!
  14. Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    That's a fabulous result. Well done!
  15. physio in south west london / surrey

    Hi, thanks so much both! We're in Wimbledon so might check out Katherine Watkins first - what did you think of her, did she manage to sort your injury?
  16. Anyone else here a tennis fan?

    Poor Andy!
  17. The 'C' word (dance themed gifts) 2017

    Saw these yesterday https://www.pylones.com/en/lets-go-kids/1175-gift-stylish-dancing-doll-larabesque.html?search_query=Larabes&fast_search=fs
  18. Anyone else here a tennis fan?

    I saw this on the BBC, and it made me laugh. It is a good thing Andy Murray is standing next to it, or I would never have guessed. Some people have suggested it looks like Jose Mourinho, but my first thought was Anthony Dowell! http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/andy-murray-of-great-britain-poses-for-photographers-at-the-unvieling-picture-id129031254
  19. Christmas television?

    that's interesting - they were trying to get me to upgrade to Q, but I said I had too many recording I didn't want to lose. The chap said they 'could do things' with the old hard disk in the old box, such that i could have kept them, or transferred to the new. Sounds like your chap wasn't as helpful (not that I went for Q, as the rest of my tele technology isn't up to that level)
  20. Christmas television?

    So did I when I changed to Sky Q. Lost all my recordings so pleased it’s on again.
  21. Hello everyone, Apologies if this has been covered somewhere before, I have been browsing the site but not very good at the search function! I have seen lots of recommendations for private teachers but having been out of the UK, not sure what style they teach and wondered if anyone knew any that specialised in Russian training or indeed where dc could take occasional classes - London would be easiest for us. Thank you in advance.
  22. physio in south west london / surrey

    I saw this woman near Wimbledon a few years ago https://www.watkinsphysio.com/dance-injuries
  23. Sadler’s Wells Sampled Sadler’s Wells, EC1R 4TN Friday 2 & Saturday 3 February 2018 Performances: Fri & Sat at 7.30pm, Doors 6pm Friday Schools matinee at 1pm, Doors at 12pm Tickets: Fri & Sat £20, £5 ‘proms’ style standing, Fri matinee £6, £3 ‘proms’ style standing Ticket Office: 020 7863 8000 or www.sadlerswells.com “The message was clear: dance is cool” The Times Sadler’s Wells starts the new year with the return of the dance taster festival Sadler’s Wells Sampled, featuring world-class dance and a series of workshops and foyer activities, on Friday 2 & Saturday 3 February 2018. The festival gives audiences a chance to experience the broad range of dance presented at Sadler’s Wells at affordable prices, with proms style standing tickets available for just £5, and all other tickets at £20. Following its London run, Sampled will then tour to The Lowry, Salford Quays as part of The Movement, a producing partnership for dance between Sadler’s Wells, The Lowry and Birmingham Hippodrome. A regular fixture at Sadler’s Wells since 2007, Sampled features a wide variety of dance, from classical ballet to hip hop, contemporary and flamenco. Alongside the performances audience members can also participate in an array of beginners’ workshops throughout the day on Saturday 3 February. The 2018 festival includes performances from the finalists of BBC Younger Dancer 2017, showcasing the best of young British dance talent. Nafisah Baba winner of the contemporary category and overall winner of the 2017 competition presents Inescapable, a work created by her for last year’s competition. Jodelle Douglas winner of the street dance category from 2017 and Harry Barnes the 2015 winner of the hip hop category and a category finalists for street dance in the 2017 competition, perform Mass Effect a work choreographed by Douglas. The project is part of the BBC’s continuing commitment to the arts and support of new artists joining BBC Young Musician as a showcase for talented and dedicated young performers. Former dancer with Ballet Nacional de España, Jesús Carmona is a pioneer in flamenco’s evolution and is one of three international acts in this year’s festival. His footwork and ballet-infused moves translate masterfully to the work he creates for his own company. For Sampled he will perform a Solea the most passionate and majestic styles of flamenco, from his 2013 show 7 Balcones accompanied by singer, Juan José Amador and guitarist, Dani Jurado. Carmona returns to Sadler’s Wells later in the month as part of Sadler’s Wells annual Flamenco Festival. Ballet is represented in this year’s festival by some of the UK’s leading artists. Firstly, former Principal of The Royal Ballet, Zenaida Yanowsky who performs Dying Swan. A solo created specifically for the ballet dancer Anna Pavlova by Mikhail Fokine in 1905, set to Camille Saint-Saëns's cello solo Le Cygne from Le Carnaval des Animaux (The Carnival of the Animals). The piece is renowned for its emotional pull with Fokine describing the work as ‘proof that the dance could and should satisfy not only the eye, but through the medium of the eye should penetrate the soul’. Birmingham Royal Ballet, completes the ballet line-up with a duet from the company’s work, Kin., created for the company by former Birmingham Royal Ballet dancer Alexander Whitley. Kin. celebrates the raw kinetics of dance, the virtuosity of ballet technique and the potential for movement to bring us together in different ways. Contemporary dance is showcased in Sampled by both new and established companies. Candoco Dance Company, the renowned contemporary dance company of disabled and non-disabled performers present Dedicated to… a new work for the company by Caroline Bowditch. The piece reveals the extraordinary bonds we make throughout our lives in a touching portrayal of female strength, support and friendship. The duet explores how people come in and out of our lives, how friendships evolve and adapt and how they can shape who we are. Fascinated with the complexities of Western physics, astrophysics and Eastern mysticism, Birmingham and Barcelona based contemporary dance company, Humanhood, explore the deep connections which lie between these seemingly abstract fields. Commissioned by The Movement for Sampled, company founders Rudi Cole and Júlia Robert Parés present a re-worked extract from their first full length duet ZERO, which explores the interconnections and synchronicity in the universe. Humanhood return to Sadler’s Wells’ Lilian Baylis Studio in May, performing ZERO as part of their Sadler’s Wells Wild Card evening, a bespoke evening of works curated by the next generation of dance makers. Completing the contemporary dance line up is NDT2. Founded in 1978, NDT2 is the second, younger company of Nederlands Dans Theater, widely considered to be one of the most inventive and original dance companies in Europe. The company has established a reputation for the astounding technique and boundless energy. For Sampled, the company presents associate choreographer, Marco Goecke's, new creation and UK Premiere Wir sagen uns Dunkles (We tell each other something dark) which looks at the encounter in the studio between the choreographer and the dancers. Their meetings appear unimportant, yet simultaneously they are more important than anything else. Award-winning hip hop dance crew Yeah Yellow are a multidisciplinary dance group from France and complete this year’s London line-up. The company consider themselves a collective of dancing Jedi Knights showcasing their creativity, originality and “joie de vivre”, whether hip hop or breaking. Since their inception they have performed and battled internationally, representing France with numerous titles under their belt. For Sampled the company perform their piece Yeah Yellow Sunshine. Sadler’s Wells’ Artistic Director and Chief Executive Alistair Spalding says: “With Sadler’s Wells Sampled, we offer the opportunity to enjoy a diverse range of world-class artists and dance genres in one programme, at a reduced price. It is a chance for new audiences and dance fans who are no are not so familiar with all the different styles we present to discover how rich and varied the art form is. This year’s line-up includes flamenco dancer Jesús Carmona and Candoco Dance Company, who will give an exciting taster of the work they’ll present at Sadler’s Wells over the coming season. I am delighted that, thanks to The Movement, we will be able to take the project beyond London to The Lowry for a second year, as well as offer artistic support to dance companies Humanhood and Uchenna Dance. We are very grateful to American Express, whose generous support is enabling us to present the festival.” On Friday afternoon there will be a shortened schools matinee performance, including NDT2, Jesús Carmona, Yeah Yellow and the BBC Young Dancer 2017 finalists. Tickets are available at a reduced rate of £6 and £3 ‘proms’ style standing. In addition to the performances, there will be activities held across the foyer spaces. On Friday, the events will be based around Brazilian dance and music whilst on Saturday it will be themed around hip hop dance and culture. Saturday will also have a day full of workshops, including a hip hop class with Yeah Yellow, along with contemporary dance, flamenco and many more. For information on workshops and foyer activities as they are announced, go to: sadlerswells.com. Following dates at Sadler’s Wells, Dance:Sampled, the touring arm of Sadler’s Wells Sampled festival, will go to The Lowry on Saturday 17 February with two performances at 2pm and 8pm. Supported by The Movement this year’s Sampled: Dance celebrates both established and up-coming UK artists and companies. The evening will include performances from artists from Sadler’s Wells Sampled, including Nafisah Baba, Humanhood and the evening’s only international act, Jesús Carmona along with additional companies performing especial for this event. Gandini Juggling, a company that celebrates juggling in all its facets, exploring not just what juggling is, but what juggling can be, will be perform an excerpt from the company’s cult piece and worldwide hit SMASHED, a mesmerising mix of circus and theatre, inspired by the work of choreographer Pina Bausch. Scotland’s national dance company, Scottish Ballet perform two iconic ballet duets for their first showcase at Dance:Sampled. The first is the Sugar Plum Fairy and Prince Duet from the Christmas classic, The Nutcracker and the second is a duet from Sibilo created by Scottish Ballet’s Artist in Residence, Sophie Laplane. Sibilo (Latin for ‘whistle’) shows Laplane’s joyful and unrestricted style in a celebration of the power and versatility of dancers’ bodies and of movement in all its forms. Vicki Igbokwe’s company Uchenna Dance perform an extract from The Head Wrap Diaries which toured small to mid-scale venues in the UK last autumn. A funny and uplifting interactive show set in a hair salon, The Head Wrap Diaries explores femininity, beauty, culture, sisterhood and our relationship with hair, blending club styles house, waacking and vogue with African and contemporary dance accompanied by a specially commissioned soundtrack of Afro house, folk, electronic dance music, jazz and Ghana gospel. With support from The Movement the piece has been re-worked for a larger stage. Completing Dance:Sampled’s line up is hip hop dancer and choreographer Botis Seva’s company Far From The Norm performing 60 secs, a piece that investigates how much energy can move through our sphere in one minute. The work is a physical interpretation of Torben Lars Sylvest and Ezio Bosso's classical musical composition Thunders and Lightnings which contrasts with the hip hop movement of the piece. For more information on Dance:Sampled, visit www.thelowry.com/dance Sadler’s Wells Sampled information: Please note: workshops are £4 per person and are available to Sampled ticket holders. Workshops are for participants aged 18 +, and can be booked via telephone on 020 7863 8000. Doors open at 6pm for free front of house activities. For information on workshops and foyer activities, see: sadlerswells.com. Schools Matinee: Friday 2 February at 1pm. Doors open at midday for free front of house activities. Sadler’s Wells Sampled is supported by American Express Sadler’s Wells Sampled and Dance:Sampled are supported by The Movement The Movement is a dance producing partnership between Birmingham Hippodrome, The Lowry and Sadler’s Wells. Supported by Arts Council England, The Movement aims to nurture talent and bring large scale dance productions to wider audiences. Listing information: Sadler’s Wells Sampled Sadler’s Wells, EC1R 4TN Friday 2 & Saturday 3 February 2018 Performances: Fri & Sat at 7.30pm, Doors 6pm Fri Schools matinee at 1pm Tickets: Fri & Sat £20, £5 ‘proms’ style standing, Fri Schools matinee £6, £3 ‘proms’ style standing Ticket Office: 020 7863 8000 or www.sadlerswells.com Dance: Sampled The Lowry, The Lyric Theatre, Salford Quays Saturday 17 February 2018 Performances at 2pm & 8pm Tickets: £5 - £10 Ticket Office: 0843 208 6000 or www.thelowry.com/dance Notes to Editors: ABOUT SADLER’S WELLS Sadler’s Wells is a world-leading creative organisation dedicated to dance in all its forms. With over three centuries of theatrical heritage and a year-round programme of performances and learning activities, its goal is to motivate everyone to experience dance – to take part, learn, experiment and be inspired. Audiences of over half a million come to Sadler’s Wells’ London theatres each year, with many more enjoying its touring productions at partner venues across the UK and around the world, or accessing its content through digital channels. Sadler’s Wells commissions and presents more new dance work than any other theatre in the world, embracing the popular and the unknown. Since 2005, it has helped to bring over 140 new dance works to the stage, many of them involving its 16 Associate Artists, three Resident Companies and four Associate Companies – the most exciting talents working in dance today. It also nurtures the next generation of talent through its artist development initiatives, and reaches over 25,000 annually through its learning and engagement programmes Located in Islington, north London, the current theatre is the sixth to have stood on the site since it was first built by entrepreneur Richard Sadler in 1683. The venue has played an illustrious role in the history of theatre ever since with The Royal Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet and English National Opera having all started at Sadler’s Wells. Sadler’s Wells is a charity and a National Portfolio Organisation, currently receiving 10% of its revenue from Arts Council England. www.sadlerswells.com ABOUT THE LOWRY The Lowry is the most visited cultural destination in the North West. It plays host to one of the one of the UK’s most vibrant and diverse theatre programmes, as well as a visual arts programme that features the largest public collection of works by LS Lowry alongside contemporary exhibitions. Set in a magnificent waterside location of Salford Quays at the heart of MediaCityUK, The Lowry is an architectural flagship with a unique and dynamic identity. The centre opened in 2000 and later this month will launch its new Week 53 festival – bringing together contemporary dance, visual arts, music and theatre in interactive installations, exhibitions and performances. www.thelowry.com
  24. And the press release: English National Ballet Song of the Earth / La Sylphide Le Jeune Homme et la Mort / La Sylphide London Coliseum 9 - 20 January 2018 www.ballet.org.uk • Guest Artist Ivan Vasiliev to perform in Le Jeune Homme et la Mort alongside Lead Principal Tamara Rojo. • Lead Principal Isaac Hernández and Principals Begoña Cao, Joseph Caley and Cesar Corrales debut in the production. Following performances on tour this autumn, English National Ballet presents Sir Kenneth MacMillan’s masterwork, Song of the Earth and Frank Andersen’s faithful version of the 1830s Romantic ballet La Sylphide at the London Coliseum this January where Roland Petit’s Le Jeune Homme et la Mort is also revived. Making his return to the London stage, Guest Artist Ivan Vasiliev, performs the lead role in Roland Petit’s Le Jeune Homme et la Mort alongside Lead Principal Tamara Rojo. Born in Vladistock, Russia, Vasiliev is a former Principal with the Bolshoi Ballet, the Mikhailovsky in St. Petersburg, and American Ballet Theatre. He previously performed in Le Jeune Homme et la Mort with English National Ballet in 2011, and in 2015 he performed with the Company in Swan Lake. Further Principal casting for Le Jeune Homme et la Mort includes Lead Principal Isaac Hernández and Principal Begoña Cao, Principal Joseph Caley and Cao, and Principal Cesar Corrales and Artist of the Company Jia Zhang. Principal casting for Song of the Earth sees Lead Principal Tamara Rojo perform in the role of The Woman, alongside Principal Joseph Caley and Lead Principal Aaron Robison in the role of The Man and The Messenger of Death. La Sylphide sees performances from Lead Principals Jurgita Dronina and Isaac Hernández, Lead Principal Erina Takahashiand Guest Artist Ciro Tamayo, Principal Shiori Kase and Lead Principal Aaron Robison, Principal Joseph Caley and Junior Soloist Rina Kanehara, and First Soloist Alison McWhinney and Soloist Aitor Arrieta. Principal casting Please note, casting is subject to change. Please see www.ballet.org.uk for up to date casting. Song of the Earth / La Sylphide London Coliseum Tuesday 9 – Saturday 13 January Song of the Earth (in the order of The Woman, The Man, The Messenger of Death) Tuesday 9 January (Press night) Tamara Rojo, Joseph Caley†, Aaron Robison† Wednesday 10 January Jurgita Dronina†, Aitor Arrieta, TBC Thursday 11 January (matinee) Fernanda Oliveira, Aitor Arrieta, Ken Saruhashi Thursday 11 January Tamara Rojo, Joseph Caley†, TBC Friday 12 January Erina Takahashi, Isaac Hernández†, TBC Saturday 13 January (matinee) Fernanda Oliveira, Aitor Arrieta, Ken Saruhashi Saturday 13 January Tamara Rojo, Joseph Caley†, TBC La Sylphide (in the order of La Sylphide and James) Tuesday 9 January (Press night) Jurgita Dronina† and Isaac Hernández† Wednesday 10 January Erina Takahashi and Ciro Tamayo±, with Eva Kloborg†† as Madge. Thursday 11 January (matinee) Shiori Kase and Aaron Robison† Thursday 11 January Erina Takahashi and Ciro Tamayo±, with Eva Kloborg†† as Madge. Friday 12 January Rina Kanehara and Ciro Tamayo± Saturday 13 January (matinee) Shiori Kase and Aaron Robison† Saturday 13 January Jurgita Dronina† and Isaac Hernández† Le Jeune Homme et la Mort / La Sylphide London Coliseum Tuesday 16 – Saturday 20 January Le Jeune Homme et la Mort (in the order of The Man and The Woman) Tuesday 16 January (Press night) Ivan Vasiliev†† and Tamara Rojo Wednesday 17 January Isaac Hernández*† and Begoña Cao* Thursday 18 January (matinee) Cesar Corrales*† and Jia Zhang Thursday 18 January Joseph Caley*† and Begoña Cao Friday 19 January Ivan Vasiliev†† and Tamara Rojo Saturday 20 January (matinee) Cesar Corrales† and Jia Zhang Saturday 20 January Isaac Hernández† and Begoña Cao La Sylphide (in the order of La Sylphide and James) Tuesday 16 January (Press night) Alison McWhinney and Aitor Arrieta Wednesday 17 January Rina Kanehara and Joseph Caley† Thursday 18 January (matinee) Erina Takahashi and Ciro Tamayo± Thursday 18 January Jurgita Dronina† and Aaron Robison† Friday 19 January Shiori Kase and Joseph Caley† Saturday 20 January (matinee) Alison McWhinney and Aitor Arrieta Saturday 20 January Jurgita Dronina† and Aaron Robison† *Debut in the role with English National Ballet †Sponsored by the Aud Jebsen International Talent Programme ††Guest Artists and Teachers sponsored by Aud Jebsen ±Guest Artist About Ivan Vasiliev Honored Artist of Russia Born in Vladivostok, he studied at the Dnepropetrovsk Ballet School in Ukraine and later at the Belarus State Ballet School in Minsk, graduating in 2006. While still a student, Vasiliev danced Basilio in Don Quixote and Ali in Le Corsaire with the Belarus National Ballet. In 2006, he was invited to join the Bolshoi Ballet as a Soloist, making his debut with the Company, at the age of 17, as Basilio in Don Quixote. He was promoted to Principal Dancer in 2010. In 2011, he joined the Mikhailovsky Ballet as a Principal Dancer. Vasiliev’s repertoire with the Mikhailovsky includes principal roles in Don Quixote, Giselle, The Sleeping Beauty, Romeo and Juliet, La Fille mal gardée, La Bayadère, Laurencia, La Sylphide, The Flames of Paris, Le Halte de cavalerie, and Class Concert. His awards include medals at the international ballet competitions in Varna, Moscow, and Perm. He is also the winner of the Triumph Youth Prize, British Critics’ Circle National Dance Awards in the category Spotlight and as Best Male Dancer, and the Benois de la Danse Award for his performance in Le Corsaire and The Flames of Paris (2009). In 2011, he received Grand Prix at the International Dance Open Festival. In 2014, he was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Russia. In 2012–2013, Ivan Vasiliev was a Principal Dancer with American Ballet Theatre (ABT). In 2014, he took part in the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi (Natasha Rostova’s First Ball scene). In 2015, Ivan Vasiliev made his debut as a choreographer: at the Barvikha Luxury Village he premiered his Ballet № 1. In 2016, he staged three one-act ballets — Morphine, Blind Affair, and Bolero — which are included in the repertoire of the Mikhailovsky Theatre. In May 2016, Vasiliev’s ballet Love is All Around premiered at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.
  25. Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    Huge congratulations! a Distinction is an amazing achievement.
  26. physio in south west london / surrey

    Lucy Eggleton at Allen physiotherapy in Guildford. Not just for dance but super.
  27. Links - Wednesday 13 December 2017 Reviews - Royal Ballet, Sylvia, London: Louise Levene, Spectator Naomi Cockshutt, British Theatre Guide Review - Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, three programmes reviewed, New York: Marina Harss, DanceTabs Review - Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker/Jean-Guihen Queyras/Rosas, Mitten wir im Leben sind / Bach6Cellosuiten, Berlin: Katja Vaghi, Bachtrack Diary - Put this on your radar, New York: Martha Sherman, dancelog.nyc Review - Dance at the Festival d'Automne: Laura Cappelle, FT Nutcracker Corner: Review - Company XlV, Nutcracker Rouge, New York: Lauren Gallagher, DanceTabs Preview - Sarasota Ballet, John Ringling's Nutcracker, Sarasota: Marty Clear, Bradenton Herald Feature - Shen Yun: Nicholas Hune-Brown, Guardian Review - Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company, I Am Vertical, Washington, Danceview Times News - RNZB's Board responds: Deborah Jones, Follow Spot Preview Feature - Fluid hug hug, Darkness Odyssey Part 2, New York: Gia Kourlas, NY Times Documentary Review - Rebels on Pointe (The Trocks): Claudia Bauer, SF Chronicle
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