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  2. I recommend his book of recollections, My Word is my Bond, very amusing guy.
  3. Thinking about Symphonic Dances ( I posted some thoughts about this on Sunday) I found it a slightly strange piece, although one that I enjoyed hugely. Still not sure why the James Hay figure was so 'cringing', for want of a better word. Was the main female figure some sort of mother figure? Why did so many movements look like athletic warm ups? Think the ending is odd with the female figure apparently getting squashed, or is she meant to be done sort of predatory figure? None of this detracted from my enjoyment,probably because it was all so very well danced. At least it's had me thinking since last Saturday!
  4. Hi everyone has anyone ever had experience of going through the RAD grievance procedure? (it's the same long running issue, nothing new )
  5. There was a book published in 2008 called Ballet in the Blitz: the history of a ballet company by Mona Inglesby with Kay Hunter which should be available in some libraries or is available on Amazon. I read it a few years ago and it was a really interesting read.
  6. It makes it sound like a free-for-all. Are there more places available per year group than previously .....?
  7. Speak of the devil. Two reviews of Whipped Cream for tomorrow's links: Reviews - American Ballet Theatre, Whipped Cream, New York: Apollinaire Scherr, FT Alastair Macaulay, NY Times
  8. The Michael Clark Company are auditioning:
  9. Has anyone else seen ABT's Whipped Cream? I'd love to hear more reports about it.
  10. There was a programme on the TV a few years ago about her and the International Ballet. I cant remember the name of it but it bought up those same sentiments that she was overlooked and written as a footnote in the history of British Ballet.
  11. Does she use a litter tray? If a cat goes missing they recommend that you place their litter tray outside (somewhere it won't get wet if it rains). They can smell it from a mile off and find their way home. Even if her sight is poor, hopefully her sense of smell is still enough to get her home. Cats are such a worry when they go missing.....😞
  12. Due to a sudden and unexpected family problem I won't make the performance tomorrow evening. I have SCS D26 £6 - it's an eticket that I can email. Let me know if anyone would like it. I'm disappointed to miss it!! Jacky
  13. I do so agree with Floss. Apart from the Ashton mixed bill which is depressingly dropped for next season I find most mixed bills not worth seeing as there is at least one ballet I'm not at all interested in. Also these days there seems to be a lack of more traditional triple bills fare such as the Ballet Russes rep, much of Ashton, Bournonville, Robbins, Cranko and De Valois. it seems criminal to employ someone with Christopher Carr' s encyclopedic knowledge of Royal ballet rep. over the last 40 years and not utilise his knowledge because sadly when people like him are no longer around the ballets can never be revived unless they are notated, and even the best notation is no substitute for actual experience of the ballet. I think the RB would be far better employed in putting money into re-creating 'lost' or forgotten ballets by choreographers like Ashton, Tudor or Robbins (that many ballet goers would love to see) rather than paying for modern new creations that probably won't stand the test of time. Some of our taxpayers money should be spent on preserving our ballet heritage and making it a living heritage rather than just paying lip service to 'the genius of our great founder choreographer' when staging yet another version of Marguerite and Armand.
  14. Adding intrigue indeed Capybara. Though I would think as he guested successfully and ENB were auditioning for Soloists this season...and ENB have not announced next season yet... Could it be?
  15. Email this time.
  16. ah ok! if not just email me for a form
  17. Delayed posting, but I saw the opening night of this bill. Had never seen the Forsythe before - really enjoyed it, felt exhausted just watching by the end! Nunez and Muntagirov dance so well together, makes me lament that they weren't paired for 'Diamonds' even more. Also a great joy to watch McRae and Muntagirov dancing side by side - it seems to me that it's rare we get to watch two male principals do so, but I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Like others, I thought Sambe and Hayward were just a joy to behold in Tarantella, and I'm sure they will get even more brilliant with more performances. Strapless, for me, just doesn't work. The beginning is promising and sets up tension, which promptly falls flat during the pas de deux between Amelie and Pozzi. I'll lay a significant chunk of the blame at the door of music, which is just not 'sexy' and seems at odds with the choreography. No chemistry, for which I will not blame Bonelli and Osipova since (as the recent Mayerling run has showed) they are both exceptional actors. And it's basically downhill from there until the final unveiling and Amelie's solo. It seems to me that Wheeldon has tried to tackle this from too many perspectives - either it is about Gautreau trying to make a name for herself in society and being undone by the portrait, ultimately achieving notoriety, or it is about the inner workings of Sargent and his perspective of this society woman. As it stands, it is does not focus on either, and thus becomes an oddly emotionally detached experience as an audience member... Symphonic Dances I really loved. For the lion's share of the 40 minutes, I felt like I was watching the music, or the character of the music, which for me is a thing of true joy - when I can barely separate/distinguish the music from the movement. I thought Scarlett made such clever use of stillness, of that held moment with movement suddenly bursting forth - who knows from where next. I thought the staging was very striking (although i'm inclined to agree with other posters about the projections, thankfully mostly obscured from my amphitheatre perch!). I found the duet (for it was not really a pas de deux) between Yanowsky and Hay profoundly moving, for reasons I cannot quite articulate...the yearning beauty of Hay, the initial haughtiness/stillness softening to an almost maternal interaction (or at least that was my reading of it). As others have commented, the pas de deux with Reece Clarke was also wonderful, although for me the unconventional beauty of the first duet was the highlight. I wasn't mad keen on the ending, but I'd like to give it a second chance, since I mostly just found it rather unexpected!
  18. Auditions are live on the website now, inviting all yrs7-11 to apply for audition on 13th June. Invite based on photos.
  19. Am so sorry to hear this Lisa - fingers crossed for you. You must be feeling dreadful.
  20. What awful news. So many devastated families today.
  21. Truly heartbreaking and horrific......
  22. I am so sorry. Have you contacted any local animal shelters in case someone mistook old age for being stray and whisked her off?
  23. Desperately sorry for all those affected by this horrific attack. It is incomprehensible and truly heartbreaking.
  24. How sad. May Sir Roger rest in peace. ❤️
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