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  2. RAD Ballet - exam results for graded exams

    Thanks all. Our dance school does an annual show - almost the whole of the autumn term is dedicated to it. A lot of the dancers also compete in local festivals. So there is a reasonable chunk of time devoted to non-syllabus work - although perhaps it helps the dancers get better scores for the performance elements of their exams? General feedback, so far, seems to be that the school's results are comparatively high? The teachers do seem to only put dancers in for exams if they are confident that they will get a distinction. Although progress doesn't seem to be especially slow to me.... DD1 has just turned 11 and will be taking her RAD G4 exam in June. DD2 is 6 and will be taking her RAD Primary exam in June. I just assumed they were pretty average ages to be taking the exams?
  3. Ex-Trocks dancer Chase Johnsey is joining ENB as a First Artist as from now. I believe he is transitioning so it appears he will be dancing in pointe shoes and tutus. That's what he won his Olivier Award for last year, and he was great! I wish Chase the very best of luck at ENB. Announcement here: https://www.gramilano.com/2018/04/ex-trocks-dancer-chase-johnsey-join-english-national-ballet-first-artist/
  4. Elmhurst young dancers audition

    From the snippets I’ve heard I think they are having a shake up, this is the first time I’ve known them assess out Associates in the same way Royal do. There may well be more spaces available than before!
  5. How to get a Distinction in ballet exams!

    One of the many tips you can find on You Tube. Good Luck with your exam.
  6. Elmhurst young dancers audition

    Oh, we had an email saying they were waiting for the audition this weekend before sending results all together next week. This doesn't sound promising for DD. It was her first Elmhurst audition as she's not an associate at the moment.
  7. How to get a Distinction in ballet exams!

    I think the hairspray idea sounds good for the ribbons wouldn't have thought of this! I was going to suggest if you have time that is to tack the loose ends of ribbons. Some people even sew their ribbons onto their tights! Would have to be neat though and may depend on the amount of waiting around time before your exam. I always found it strange that I always seemed to have only two rather small ends of ribbon left so more difficult to keep tucked in where as others seemed to have longer bits left over.... I guess I just must have more ankle for the ribbon to go round! Good luck with it all anyway.
  8. Hello! Apologies to contact you so late - is this ticket still available? I can make a bank transfer if it is. Many thanks!
  9. This sounds potentially very exciting! Have you any plans as yet as to how often classes/rehearsals would be? Selby-based here... a bit of a trek so do-able every now and then but not weekly. Even if I can't be involved I shall watch with interest though! Long overdue I think
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  11. How to get a Distinction in ballet exams!

    When my daughter slipped in class last year, one of our Highland Dancer mums gave me this brush to try - you use it to lift up the suede on the bottom of the dance shoe as it gets compressed and slippery the more you dance in it. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Diamant-Brush-Dance-Shoes-HW10910/dp/B0154Q3O48 It worked great! Lisa's idea about the water trick is another great idea... between the brush and a small spray bottle (or even a quick squirt from your water bottle), no more slipping. Go in here knowing you can do this! (and smile like you are loving every minute of it!) D xx
  12. Elmhurst young dancers audition

    ImgyA the current year 8s have started receiving their assessment results and I’m sure there are more auditions this weekend which is possibly what the delay is.
  13. Elmhurst young dancers audition

    One very big yes for a year 5 place, for the most super boy (hugely biased but he’s just fabulous!) After being so disappointed last year with a no from Royal we are absolutely over the moon! Not ashamed to admit I had a little cry, I was that happy! Hope to hear lots more good news fingers and toes crossed!
  14. RBS Mid Associate auditions 2018

    Thank you 😊 No it was a couple of years ago. She had got no for Yr 7, waiting list for Y8 and got offered a place. She really enjoyed it and the challenge and went on to do SA. Good luck to your dc will keep 🤞
  15. How to get a Distinction in ballet exams!

    Oh, and "break a leg" for your exam. ( Not literally though, obviously).
  16. How to get a Distinction in ballet exams!

    Have you tried dampening the soles of your shoes with some water beforehand? This should make them grip the floor better. Also, if you tie your shoes accordingly then hairspray them to death in place ( the ribbons, that is), that should hold them. You might have to cut the ribbons off afterwards to get your shoes off, but at least they will stay in place while you need them to.
  17. How to get a Distinction in ballet exams!

    Thank you everyone! It's in 3 days now 😱 I wanted to ask is there any way to make the satin ballet shoes less slippy? I have both full sole and split sole, of which the split sole is more comfy perhaps, but I keep slipping on any little runs and it makes the double pirouettes quite frightening (the studio floor is already a quite slippy wood!) I would put rosin on them but I'm just worried that that will make it not slippy enough... If you see what I mean! With the slippy shoes, I find it hard to hold my turnout too until I get very warm... My feet just slip back in even though I'm engaging my muscles! Finally, are there any suggestions for keeping the knot of the ribbons tucked under... They keep coming out 😂 I'm sorry about all this, just very nervous! X
  18. Starting Year 7 at Hammond this September

    My friends dd, who isn’t on the forum, is starting too, and would love to connect with other girls in advance x Can someone send me some info please that I can pass on to her? Xx Thanks x x
  19. Elmhurst young dancers audition

    I'm a bit confused. My DD was supposed to audition for a Y10 place but was too ill to attend so she's been invited to an 'overflow audition 'on June 23rd. How do they know they'll still have spaces then?
  20. Elmhurst young dancers audition

    My dd has been offered a year 6 place. We are delighted x
  21. Elmhurst young dancers audition

    Sounds like it was good news, Bluebird22! What year are your students? We've just had an email saying that the results won't be our until next week (for y9 entry in September)
  22. Simply Adult Ballet

    Hi, Not too sure if you are taking RAD lessons but if you are there are videos produced that you can buy. The videos are a great way to become familiar with the terminology as well as how it should be done. At least reducing the owl impression during class to try and turn your head in all directions to watch everyone else! Plenty of books, possibly at your local library which may also help with the words and phrases used regularly by all ballet classes no matter which syllabus they follow. Have fun and enjoy, your muscles may not be quite so happy but you will feel fab, walking taller with renewed confidence just for starters. Just don't expect overnight success but each and every week you will notice little improvements, even if it's just remembering one single word and turnout!
  23. RAD Ballet - exam results for graded exams

    Hi, Can I just ask which Grade are you waiting the results for? DD has Grade 8 and Intermediate coming up, both exams squeezed in dayes between her GCSE's, not the greatest of timings but didn't have much choice, sadly.
  24. Dance on Sky Arts

    Well that makes more sense. Thanks for the update, Bruce. Linda
  25. Dance on Sky Arts

    No, it was more the fact that Bolle was a guest… In fact he was a replacement. The fact that it was Dupont's last performance … And she chose not to perform with the POB danseur. That as I understand it is what was worrying some I think.
  26. Dance on Sky Arts

    Really? I would have thought Bolle was perfect casting for Des Grieux. I don't know his age, of course, so maybe he's just not young enough anymore. Though I have seen, shall we say 'more mature' men tackle it very successfully. It's not that technically difficult is it? Apart of course from the exciting pdds but that surely that depends more on both partners being in synch with the risks involved. Linda
  27. Apparently the seating arrangement isn't permanent. From the same page on the ROH website: "The Linbury seating will be able to be configured to suit both steep and shallow rakes for ballet and opera performances as well as being able to move position to suit end-on, traverse and flat floor stagings."
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