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  2. This petition is now growing fast and, if it were to reach 5 million, could have a real effect. Those who want to might like to forward the link to anyone who might sign: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/241584
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  4. Also Akram Khan's Giselle, by English National Ballet: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0003vk6
  5. I believe it will feature Viviana Durante's new 'Seven Deadly Sins' at Wilton Hall, but exactly how much, I can't say, see below:
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  7. From what I've read, I think it captures a lot more of his childhood and adolescence?
  8. Hmm, "It will show just why this country is a world leader in dance. Aimed at ‘those who love dance as well as those who don’t yet know they love dance', #DancePassion will run across television, radio and online on the BBC from Sunday 31 March to Saturday 6 April, with a live streaming day on Friday 5 April." Well, let's see what transpires.
  9. Yes I saw it at SWRB too. Far prefer My Brother, My Sisters - it’s a far stronger piece choreographically. Playground was a great vehicle for Marion Tait and Desmond Kelly. At the time I thought MacMillan wanted to give SWRB at least one originally created tough piece to counterbalance some of their “Pineapple Poll” repertory. It had some amazing moments. Would like to see it again, but I felt it was a little dated back then. A sort of x-rated Solitaire. Whereas MBMS is amazing....
  10. The schools are all inspected for the quality of academic and vocational education but it’s impossible to quantify a league table of which is the best. One could argue that where teachers only have cherry picked students to work with they have an easier time than those who work with students with more impe factions for example.
  11. Hi sorry for being slow in my response I will message you x
  12. Thanks for putting my message in the right forum Alison. To your question Sim, am I selling them or giving them away, I doubt I will get many competing offers so it will probably have to be the latter. Sebastian, I will email you tomorrow with more details. And I do live in London.
  13. I don't suppose anyone has a list of RB dancers who are on Instagram? I gather more of them tend to post on there than on Twitter. Most of the ones that I've looked up on Twitter seem not to have posted on there for ages so it doesn't seem worth following them.
  14. I totally get your point and yes, it’s very easy to use the ‘ brand name’ without it being thoroughly deserved. However trying to ‘measure’ the standard is fairly impossible to do. Exams sometimes give us some idea of a certain standard being reached but we all know they are not conclusive evidence. Darcy Bussell is the example of this having achieved a pass plus for her first Professional exam ( the marks used to be pass, passplus, commended, highly commended, honours) Would hate to think of ballet taking the route of some academic schools where being top of the league tables is the main goal. Destroys the meaning, enjoyment, artistry of learning anything! How can you possibly measure that certain ‘something’ that makes a dancer a dancer and not a sports person. Most vocational schools, have their fair share of good and less good teachers and are a mixed bag of desirable and less desirable. Just because one will be more likely to take you through both lower and upper school does not necessarily mean you are of a better standard or more likely to find employment at the end. Many of the students I trained with had, at some point, been assessed out of another school. After the initial shock, most went on to have successful dance careers in classical work. And is finding employment the absolute measure of good standard? As many people have mentioned there is the journey to consider. Then there is the element of taste. What one artistic director loves another hates and so on, not to mention how the different personalities of the students will do well at one school and not the other and vice versa.
  15. Is this fundamentally any different to the earlier BAFTA nominated version, 'Dance to Freedom' starring Bolshoi principle Artem Ovcharenko. The trailer and clips appear to cover exactly the same ground.
  16. Websites need constant updating and, therefore, attention. Dancers can post on social media in a matter of seconds, hence the attraction. Who can blame them?
  17. Four or five I think: Nuñez, Acosta, Soares, Mendizabal …
  18. John - do you know how many you deleted?
  19. Change of wording re mentioning children to make it more general: No member should give details of any child, such as their name or their dance school, unless the parent has already done so publicly here – this applies particularly in the Doing Dance forum.
  20. Facebook reminded that 10 years ago today my son was offered a place at ENBS. I was more than a little excited having felt very stressed for weeks over the auditions - we heard on the day of the final audition and we were still waiting to hear from others schools at the time. He went to WL from year 7 to 9 then to Elmhurst, which is where he chose to stay for upper school in the end. He went on to work in a ballet company in Europe for 3 years before coming back to work freelance in the UK but then decided to give up dancing. We (that does include him) don't regret a minute despite some terrible lows - there were plenty of highs to keep us going. It was always about giving him the opportunity to try and see what happened with no regrets of "what if?". Out of his WL year group most have gone on to be professional dancers - well the boys at least. I'm not sure about all the girls - fewer of them are still dancing. All you can do is make the best decisions you can at the time without looking too far ahead because you just don't know what's going to happen. Some will go on to be Royal Ballet principals, most won't, but they will have amazing experiences along the way.
  21. By chance I checked this morning on the website links I'd put up on the Ballet Association page and deleted the non-functioning ones, just leaving a paltry two. That short list is not authoritative (!) but it may well be that the use of Instagram etc has diminished the need or inclination to set up a full site. If anyone knows of sites belonging to members of either RB company perhaps they could post them here and I can add them to the page. Thanks. (Disclaimer: I run the BA website but am not part of their organisation.)
  22. Thanks - that may be the answer. One day I will catalogue all my old programmes. Can't rely on my memory to be exact!
  23. As I said my figures are unconfirmed (some years are close to that number), and I agree on your points. It was more of a point of if there was anyway in comparison between schools. If one school had a retention percentage much higher and still produced good dancers than another would this be a better school? WL does have a advantage as a "Brand Name" but its a shame there is not a independent process to check that the standard is deserved. A proper independent league table of dance schools may make interesting reading! A OFSTEAD of the dance schools would help a lot of people and probably schools who don't have huge financial backing but do have great teachers and passion.
  24. Playground was performed by SWRB in September 1979 at Sadler's Wells (I saw it). I suppose that was soon after Edinburgh. Perhaps it has never been performed again since the SW performances?
  25. Moomin

    Foot creams

    Sorry to hear you have had such an awful time. I was going to suggest doublebase (not diprobase) as it has a nice texture for massage. Flexitol is a very good moisturiser but if your skin is very sensitive at the moment you may react to the urea in it. If you’re allowed heat on the foot you may like a parrafin foot bath, they are not that expensive
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