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  2. UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    many thanks for those numbers- a reality check ! lol so almost 5 applicants for every place ......wow ....... and just selected on a few photos......do people send letters / recommendation letters or just the form and the photos? I know they are looking for 'facility' / body type aswell as natural ability but I suppose no harm in trying ! x
  3. UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    leotardmum, I don't have a break down for ages or levels, but these are numbers that RBS included in DD's waitlist notification email: a total of over 2,700 applications for 632 places available.
  4. Questions about Upper School auditions

    It seems to be so difficult to find a classical ballet leotard with a high leg and delicate looking straps that don't need shortening and altering at the front to get rid of the 'pinched in' look? As I understand it, it does help to appear exquisite for auditions and the cut of the leotard is important...
  5. we had a problematic Bolshoi screening (I think it was the first one they'd done) at our local Odeon a while back where we lost the first 20 minutes or so of the beginning of the ballet. The situation at the time for a number or reasons suggested that it was a human error problem at the cinema. We were given vouchers which, when I tried to use them for another screening shortly afterwards, was initally told that they weren't valid for those types of performances. When I explained that the whole point of the vouchers was to make up for an abortive screening they quickly changed their mind. Don't think all of the cinemas are at all geared up for these events. It's a shame because they're so fantastic when everyone gets it right.
  6. UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    thanku! would love to come across and see family, we are from Newcastle and been here for 3.5 years now, but be perfect to tie in a summer school aswell does anyone know the stats for RBS summer school ie how many apply and how many places there are ??? this is her dream but I suspect thousands apply for a tiny number of places ...... dance here in Australia is massive I feel compared to the north east of uk x
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  8. Simply Adult Ballet

    We are 3 days into our Ballet West one-to-one intensive, although Adrian is not dancing rep (my PDD partner) on days 2 and 3, he is attending morning barre warm-up class and he’s now starting to enjoy it, this morning he was like a dog with two tails, he was absolutely chuffed when Gillian our teacher said she gave him two gold stars, one for his port de bra, and the other for being pulled up, a wonderful improvement over three days. Well done Adrian. She is a really lovely caring and very helpful teacher; I have lots of really useful feedback on the rep we have been dancing, most of which we can take on board and correct during our stay, and some which will need further work. Tomorrow is the Black Swan PDD and female solo, Adrian and I have been running through it a couple of times last thing each day so he becomes really familiar with the musical cues and timing as well as orientation of working in the studio assigned to us..
  9. Tring CBA Auditions 2017

    We ordered straight away and a small size which we have been sent. They did say the bigger size was on order. I phoned them as the leotard came up small so had to return and get the next size up. They were very helpful over the phone. We are all sorted now.
  10. I recently took a 4 year old to see ENB's My First Cinderella at the Peacock. It was her first trip to see a ballet in a theatre. She loved it and asked at the interval if she could go on stage and dance with them! When a child in the row behind began talking she turned and glared at them just as I do in the ROH! I thought that bodes well for the future! Having an on stage narrator is an excellent idea. I thought that the length of the performance was just right. She went home happily wearing a Fairy Godmother's tiara and clutching her magic wand ready to dance it all for her Daddy.
  11. Was highly amused, many years ago while attending Nutcracker at ROH to hear a very serious little girl say that she wanted to see how the dancers pointed their feet! A budding critic/ teacher I wonder?
  12. UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    Ballet West, Scotland. West of Glasgow International Airport heading towards Oban. Residential, beautiful, caring, safe and secure environment. Just make sure you google Ballet West UK as there is another school of similar name in America! The only issue with Scotland is that the SS are run earlier than those in England as their school summer holidays are earlier and they return to academic school in August. Not sure if the dates would be compatible with Australia term dates. There are always 4 weeks to select. First come first come basis and for as many weeks out of the 4 you wish.
  13. How did you choose schools??

    I chose ISTD and RAD as they appear to be the mostly widely recognised examination board used for me locally. RAD in particular is the one board mentioned on many application forms for vocational schools and incl those for many SS. Vocational schools also appear to continue with the RAD syllabus and examinations. Success in these examinations also opens the doors for pupils to enter national and international competitions like the Genee. Medal winners of these competitions use this opportunity to showcase their talents and offers for places in a ballet company have arisen as a direct result of these competitions. A pupil that was considering auditioning for a vocational school rather than enjoying Ballet as a hobby would have already trained in this Board will obviously find the transition to vocational schools and even the audition day itself, slightly easier as they would already be familiar with the terminology and technique. Obviously if a pupil that was RAD trained but decided to attend a Russian based vocational school could experience challenging times with the transition but in the reverse.
  14. Baden-Baden is quite close to Stuttgart so you could see some ballet there at the same time. They are doing Cranko's Swan Lake (quite a lovely version) Dec 18-30
  15. That presupposes that because something is in demand it is therefore good. I wouldn't agree with that.
  16. I'm about to make my way there
  17. So will I. Very talented dancer and I wish him well.
  18. and it's the excellent French orchestra that uses instruments of the period. Their Daphnis and Chloe is gorgeous - would love to get them to accompany the ballet at ROH.
  19. Is an hour enough ballet a week for a 9yo?

    Try it when you're trying to fit the parents' dance classes in too! We've got two times in the week where we need to get three different groups to three different places at the same time. The ten year old is going to be learning to take the bus.
  20. Is an hour enough ballet a week for a 9yo?

    The recommendations to drop tap are based on tap being least favorite rather than any bias (starting tap proeporly myself in September 😂). Personally I think you're best off with a primary style and secondaries on top of that. Getting to know the primary style in a little more depth seems like a good idea.
  21. Concerto mixed bill, Oct 2017 ROH

    also thanks from me! Picked up a nice S/C for this. Very grateful
  22. Both tickets have been sold.
  23. Is an hour enough ballet a week for a 9yo?

    Re tap - although I agree to a certain extent that keeping as several styles going is a good idea, it is down to what you can afford and what fits in with your timetables. My DD only did up to primary tap. Tap was not part of any of her auditions for entry to vocational school aged 16. She did the Trinity diploma in Professional Dance rather than musical theatre, though does some musical theatre in her professional life. She was able to pick tap up again very quickly at 16 and it certainly did not hold her back.
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