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  2. results are out - Summer course is a yes for my DD.
  3. Sorry -Wednesday 19th I will adjust the title.
  4. We haven't heard anything. They said before Xmas.....there's 2 days left of my school term and I know RBS broke up last Friday. I have a DD who is starting to ask each day!
  5. Any results out yet? Good luck to all those waiting
  6. I have Amphi C34 for sale for the RB Triple bill tomorrow Wednesday 19 December: £11. Please PM as well as posting here if interested. Ticket goes back to the box office first thing Wednesday morning if no one wants it. Thanks!
  7. The running order is as advertised. Patineurs, Winter Dreams, Concert.
  8. Monroe

    Question about "Sleeping Beauty"

    Update! My novel will be published!!! I found a (small) german publisher and hopefully the book will hit the shelves in time for the Leipzig Book Fair 2019. I wanted to take the time and thank you all again for your kindness and your help. I will mention this forum in the acknowledgments. Right now I couldn't be happier.
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  10. This triple bill opens at the Royal Opera House tonight. All discussion and reviews here please.
  11. Two Pigeons

    Interview with Graham Lustig

    I missed Graham, both as a dancer and choreographer, with special admiration for Paramour. The 4 corps guys were all my great favourites, Vincent Redmon, both Brothers O 'Hare and Andrew Allen(Wilson). Like Janet, he was one of my all time favourite Will Mossops, especially dancing with Marion who was so 'right' as Maggie. One of my greatest memories was in Liverpool (I am sure Janet was there) for the very last performance of SWRB. In the big pas de deux in the third act both of them were dancing with tears streaming down their faces.
  12. To paraphrase the above quote: it’s only in the West where Petipa is being celebrated; the Russians are doing nothing. Also, that before the Italian ballerinas came to St Petersburg, the Russian dancers were soulless. This film is an insult to Russians; they understood it as such and reacted accordingly.
  13. Why did it cause a scandal? It sounds rather intriguing. Was it not particularly not well researched or something? My French is a bit rusty
  14. 30 secs with google https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Sela-Cough-Extra-Strong-Sweets-100g/1337577789 - about £5 for 100gms eek! https://www.monmoreconfectionery.co.uk/brands-manufacturers/sela-cough - about £20 for 3kgs, which should see you through winter!
  15. I am wondering, too if I will be able to stay for the 3rd piece- but hoping it is The Concert last, the one I could most bear to miss. I plan to quickly nip down to Somerset House first to watch the skating to get in the mood for Patineurs- can't wait! Is there a thread yet? - starts tonight! Hurray for a change from Nutcracker ( fabulous as it is. )
  16. 2 x stalls circle seats row B 17& 18 £32 Each Can leave at box office today or tomorrow
  17. Scheherezade

    Sources for Sela Cough cough sweets in London?

    Alison, I'm with you there. Please let me know if you get an answer as I have also, and unsuccessfully, been trying to track down Sela cough sweets. My daughter has been trying online, also without success. Why on earth doesn't the Wigmore still do them!
  18. Amateurs!! The real pains are the ones that insist you tag three of your friends and recruit them to ‘like’ the prize giver’s account 😖
  19. The Telegraph's access rules are added, below. The article has some Share icons but a Test has just shown that using the link then provided has no more effect than direct online access. "Premium" access is slowly restricting what's available to the Links team from unless we buy into a newspaper's subscription system - I gave up on The Australian over a year ago and have recently found the Boston Globe to be equally restrictive. (And several other US sites have also become unavailable here since the the introduction of the GDPR rules in Europe earlier this year.)
  20. Used to be two per day or was it week? Sim: I do have Premium but I was able to access it from this link without signing in. i seem to be the only person in the world who enjoyed The Wind😩
  21. This film was shown at the Petipa Bicentennary conference in March and caused a scandal among the ballet historians and scholars who were present. P.S. You may want to see what has been written about it at the time on the Dansomanie forum: http://www.forum-dansomanie.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=108720&sid=739737bb7e85a114dfc18a0dd8c08cf7 Le film a été très mal accueilli par le public présent à l'Académie Vaganova pour l'avant-première, et la directrice administrative de l'institution s'est même excusée de l'avoir diffusé, ne l'ayant pas visionné au préalable. Le film pose plusieurs problèmes. D'une part, son indigence sur le plan scientifique et historique, avec des raccourcis grossiers (genre"avant la venue des danseuses Italiennes à Saint-Pétersbourg, c'était plan-plan et routinier, avec des russes sans expressivité et sans âme"), et d'autre part, par ses biais politiques. En gros, il s'agit de montrer que seul l'Occident honore dignement la mémoire de Petipa et en préserve l'héritage, pendant qu'en Russie, on ne fait rien. Le film débute par un plan sur... New York, et dès lors, le ton est donné. Petipa, c'est là bas, c'est à Harvard, c'est à Paris, c'est à Milan, c'est à Berlin, c'est à Londres qu'on s'en occupe, mais surtout pas à Saint-Pétersbourg. D'ailleurs, pas un plan n'est tourné au Mariinsky. Ce film est une véritable insulte à la Russie, et les Russes l'ont compris comme tel. On est juste dans la provocation.
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