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  2. European schools and intensives advise

    I read it as a guest. Training in US is very different and so posters over there may not always appreciate how we tend to train here. Anyway there is a very good discussion on there regarding Princesse Grace in Monaco.
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  4. Winter Olympics

    She's the brake-woman. Not only is she responsible for getting the bob off to a fast start, by pushing it, but the implication from one commentary was that she also in some way contributes to guiding the course/speed of the bob. (She also applies the brake once you get to the bottom of the course, as her name suggests)
  5. I wondered what was going to happen: the standard date for the Encore version of The Winter's Tale - the Sunday afternoon afterwards - also clashes with the date of the Bolshoi broadcast of The Flames of Paris. It rather looks as though the Encore screenings will be curtailed, if the Odeon website is anything to go by. If so, that'll be really annoying for me, at least, because I don't think I can make the live screening
  6. Yeah that short was just a sneak peak.. its a half hour documentary http://www.abc.net.au/austory/leap-of-faith/9463014
  7. Adult Ballet Intensive UK

    as Jan points out there;s a number of threads on TBR on here and quite a few of the TBR regulars including facualty are social media savvy - we can be found on twitter and in various of the ballet groups on facebook
  8. Best Teachers in the North East?

    Hi Vonrothbart (love the name!), essentially any teachers residing in the North East of England or who regularly (or are happy to) deliver classes in the region.
  9. Grace on ice

    Very good discussion, indeed. Well worth a listen for anyone interested in "figure" skating (not that anyone seems to do figures any more in competition).
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  11. Audience Behaviour

    Ah yes of course! Doh!
  12. Monochrome ballet

    Well, thewinelake did specify colour being removed from the makeup ... which makes the question rather tougher to answer. Otherwise you could have loads of Balanchine ballets, for a start.
  13. Audience Behaviour

    No food or drink allowed in the Arena unless you have purchased it there at extortionate cost...
  14. Best Teachers in the North East?

    What do you class as the NE?
  15. Discovering Repertoire Programme

    Hi Youngatheart Thank you for your sentiment. Yesterday I received an email from Suzanne Partridge of RAD about the taster workshop, there are still plenty of places left at all levels. My interest for the moment is only casual, as I really wont be restricted to the actual choreography, music and costume set by RAD, if I had more freedom, I guess it may well be another story. I do like balletgremlin’s suggestion of buying the DVD’s of the rep, at least it would satisfy my curiosity for £75.00
  16. Audience Behaviour

    But why would they take the biscuits off you what was their reason ( obviously something I'm not seeing here)
  17. Audience Behaviour

    Some years ago my Mum was in hospital. I had been out at dinnertime and bought some biscuits to take in to her the following day as I was going to a show at the Arena that night. Bags were being searched on the way in to the Arena and they were going to confiscate my couple of packets of biscuits. Even though I explained they were for my Mum they took them off me. I did get them back (intact) at the end of the evening but I did have to hang around for ages for them to get them back to me!
  18. Best Teachers in the North East?

    I’m looking for recommendations for the best dance teachers in the North East, and I know as a community you are likely the most informed in the UK on such matters. Mostly I am interested in sourcing classical ballet teachers, but I am keen to hear recommendations for all the primary theatre branch subjects and contemporary dance too. I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Many thanks, and kindest wishes, Angeline
  19. Feedback on RCS

    Hi, Even though the degree is is “Modern Ballet” it is very much a Ballet School like all the others. Everyone is serious about Ballet as their first specialism but contemporary is also taken seriously and by third year some people do decide they want to go down a contemporary route or are happy to do that if that is the job available at the end of the day. Primary focus however is Ballet like everywhere else we have Ballet, pointe, coaching, repertoire, Pas de deux, show work etc as well as Cunningham contemporary in 1st year, release contemp, a “creative” class (improv/choreography), jazz, stretching, Pilates. Hope that helps!
  20. Well, it's goodbye from me... and goodbye from her

    Oh, how sad. I thought this place was like some kind of online Hotel California! Best of luck to you and DD, whatever she decides to do...
  21. Winter Olympics

    the ladies short program in the figure skating was very enjoyable. The competition is heating up and the two Russian skaters have the same coach. That must make matters tricky as they are first and second currently. Had this happened before I wonder?
  22. Typical Bloomsbury snobbery, is my opinion
  23. I watched the whole half hour. it was really well put together and showed both boys equally. I learned things I didn't even know and some things were just sad. The Royal is really lucky to have these two.
  24. I think Lydia influenced Keynes’ decision. I find her charmingly ditzy in her letters but Virginia Woolf was unbelievably catty about her in her letters and diaries. Perhaps she was jealous of her.
  25. European schools and intensives advise

    I agree with you, PIFL. I found a number of posters to be rather aggressive.
  26. Grace on ice

    Agreed, and a bit better than Debra Craine, who unless I've misunderstood her seemed to be arguing that dancers aren't really judged on technique and execution outside competitions :/ And on the subject of Cousins, I like his camel spins even more than John Curry's
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