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  2. Ballet West School

    I think that it's interesting to compare the expectations of vocational upper schools with those of universities who are (subject to rare exceptions) taking 18 year olds. Universities have personal tutors, a health service and a student counselling service. Student unions often run additional support services and I think that there are nightlines at most universities. Most students are able to live in university halls of residence (many catered) for the first year and the halls frequently have some sort of resident pastoral advisor. At my son's university (and I don't suppose that it is unique in organising this) international students arrive before the start of the academic year for a week's induction. IMO, upper schools should be offering at least this level of support as they are taking 16 year olds plus there are additional challenges for young people training for an elite (and very competitive) profession with a high rate of attrition and the ever present risk of injury. I wonder whether there is still a prevailing attitude of 'sink or swim' or 'survival of the fittest'.
  3. Regarding Manon, the beggar chief (Sleep), Mons G.M. (Rencher) and the now redundant gaoler's mistress (Parkinson) were all danced by principals so perhaps those two remaining should also be considered principal roles. Just saying.
  4. Hackney Empire cancels opera

    I was told a story recently about a dancer who innocently posted footage of a colleague dancing to music by Nina Simone which outraged a black dancer who claimed white dancers have no right to dance to black music. The dancer (known to all here), took the image down to avoid further unpleasantness, but what I find disturbing is that racism, an evil with a clear definition, seems to have become anything someone from a minority says it is.
  5. Royal Associates - Different types of waitlist?

    I have never heard of a select list. My daughter was on the SWL and was offered a place 2 weeks after the initial results were sent out. Your daughter has done well to be on the SWL, it means that they would take her if there were more places.
  6. Hackney Empire cancels opera

    I would have thought that in a World where race does not matter ANYONE should be able to perform any role anywhere in the World. But perhaps this is naive of me I don't know anymore. To sympathise a bit Sim ....the other day when all the horrible things were going on in Spain and Trump was going on about "standing up to Korea" and all the Brexit Shennanigans going on here I thought exactly the same thing ....I'm glad I'm in the last decades of my life ...which I honestly never thought I would ever think ....I've always had a sense of optimism ...but now I'm just not so sure any more.
  7. Budget friendly Hotels, London, If they exist!

    Few years back I stayed at the Comfort Inn on Buckingham Palace Road. It was quite comical, the room was in the basement. I could sit on the loo but had to keep the door open. The shower was in the wardrobe! Lol! I quite liked it though, certainly was cosy...😂😂😂 xx
  8. I’m extremely frustrated

    I'm not sure about moods changing/improving as you reach different Stages etc ...I seem to go through the whole gamut just in ONE class sometimes lol! Depending on how the different exercises in the class come off! Definitely don't compare yourself to anyone else....it's bad enough just comparing yourself to yourself.......I'm sure most dancers know it........pirouettes fine in one class and terrible just a couple of days later....or absolutely on balance in adage work one class and then it's wobble wobble wobble in the next. Right up to speed in a fast petit allegro one day standing around half way through in a complete muddle the next! All very frustrating!! But Ballet is a difficult Art and you are using the whole of your body so not surprising it doesn't always come together as you may wish it too Nobody who had just started to learn the piano would expect to be able to play a Chopin concerto in just a few months after all!! It takes years and years of practice to get to this level and ballet is no different. I think an important part of your post was you said you are" really in love with it" Hopefully this should see you through some difficult times!! Try not to be so hard on yourself .....I'm guessing you are fairly young still ( under 30!) Things are often a lot more intense when so young but all that gets easier as you get older too!!
  9. Ballet West School

    I think this is the most honest conversation I've seen ever about any US. Is it perhaps significant that parents are prepared to say more about this school than any other? I take it to be positive because people are not afraid to post and the forum is not threatened if they do (compare a previous scenario). As a parent of a current applicant to USs i think it would be naive to consider this is the only school with such issues.
  10. Ballet West School

    With regard to the previous comments relating to Ballet West's remote setting, we try to look upon this generally as a positive thing, rather than something negative. We live overseas, a long way from Scotland, but still much closer than several other students at Ballet West. We are usually unable to accompany our DD when travelling to and from the school, so she travels alone and this is providing her with invaluable experience which she would not get if she studied closer to home. She sometimes travels part of the way with her friends, which is far more fun than being with her parents! Now she is in her second year, she is becoming more confident and starting to explore the area more. She is also making the most of opportunities to travel with her friends during their brief holidays to visit other places/cities and is thoroughly enjoying her growing independence. Being responsible for organising your life, including your own travel arrangements, is probably not very common for most 16 year olds nowadays, so I'm really pleased that she is doing so well and managing to find time to enjoy herself with her friends along the way.
  11. So annoyed I cannot get to this programme as I hate missing Concerto and have never seen Le Baiser de la Fee Enjoy all who are going!
  12. I'm sad at this - I love his Lescaut.
  13. Yes, they will be brilliant and we also have Campbell as Lescaut. But would have loved to see Campbell/ Hayward partnership too
  14. Possibly but he and Marianela are a dream team at the moment. I'll be booking for this one! .. and remember him with Zenaida. One of the best Manon performances I have ever seen.
  15. ^^ Think you mean Connie debuted as Effy in the matinee - Anjuli Hudson played the role in the evening. And yes she was lovely as Effy, I preferred the matinee performance of La Sylphide to the evening overall.
  16. I agree that the Saturday matinee was outstanding with strong performances in Song of the earth and La Sylphide. Notably from Fernanda, Adela and Connie Vowles in Song of the earth. Also, Connie Vowles's debut as Effy in the evening performance was lovely.
  17. Royal Associates - Different types of waitlist?

    Many years ago the wait list stayed open until Christmas, so it may be a case of confusion between past and present!
  18. Questions about Lower School auditions

    Did anyone else go to one of Elmhurst's Open Days?? I thought it was really lovely. Looked a very happy place to be. I would be interested to hear others thoughts
  19. Hi, I have one ticket, SCS D37, for tomorrow's triple bill 19/10. Face Value £6. Please PM asap if interested. Thank you.
  20. Ballet West School

    I'm sure no one would have reason to be offended by your comments and you are right, it's very important that this forum offers a balanced view which is why I posted about our experiences in the first place. However, in answer to your question - no I really don't think I would have had such an issue with pastoral care if the school had been in a less remote position as myself or other family members would've been able to visit dd and help her. Of course it was her choice to go to Ballet West; she had other offers that were much closer to home but she was particularly enticed by the touring aspect. We obviously didn't know at the time that injury would prevent her from touring and this in turn would lead to other difficulties which were not taken seriously and led to further problems. In my first reply to the OP, I did indeed stress that others no doubt have had much more positive experiences but I also know of many dc that were unhappy and there was quite a high number who left at the end of the year for one reason or another. We were quite happy with the quality of teaching and before injury my dd was given some great opportunities; my point was the staff know that many of the students live long distances away and therefore there should be more regard to pastoral care, particularly when a parent of a 16 year old (a parent who had never before complained or questioned) has expressed grave concern about their child. I hope that the pastoral side can be sorted and that by bringing my dd's unfortunate experience to the attention of such a widely read forum, parents will feel more able to question and insist that adequate care is provided when necessary. I don't think I shall comment any more now on this thread as I feel I've expressed my views adequately, however I will always respond to pms.
  21. Ballet West School

    To be fair, in the many years I've been a member of this forum (and it's predecessor) I think I have seen threads discussing the adequacy of pastoral care, teaching, food, accommodation, you name it, at just about every vocational school in the country, and several in other countries. Every such thread has provided a variety of perspectives. Some students thrive in particular environments where others are simultaneously having a horrendous time. I don't think anyone is singling out Ballet West. Regarding the location, well it is quite different to any of the other UK Upper Schools and probably quite different to the environment that most forum members live in. There are positives to that, but also negatives - it would be daft to pretend otherwise. Rural life is different. Some people feel the positives by far outweigh the negatives, but others don't. Some will get used to things that bothered them initially. For others, things that were no more than a minor irritation or even enjoyed as a novelty at the beginning, become major issues as time goes on, especially as the weather deteriorates and the workload ramps up. You are absolutely right that the answer is "if you don't think it will suit you don't go", but surely that's why people are asking these questions? It's hard to know what life is really like at any school until you are there, so "warts and all" information is very valuable.
  22. Royal Associates - Different types of waitlist?

    DD was put on the short wait list for year 8 (2016 entry) we were contacted by telephone prior to the term starting offering a place, not sure of the date but emails receiving documentation are dated 5th May so place offered not long after initial short wait list notification. Our Mids class has spaces, we were due to have a new starter for year 9 but she was offered a full time school so turned it down and the place has not been filled. What I’m saying is that it is probable that list has closed (I have no idea when the student notified RB that they were not accepting their place but I know that they were offered a full MDS well before the end of the school year). I am sorry if this is disappointing news but I know if I were in your position I would rather know than keep hoping.
  23. Hackney Empire cancels opera

    In this crazy day and age it almost always someone else taking offence on an ethnic minority's behalf, which I find patronising and paternalistic. I have a Muslim friend who was really upset when certain councils and other places decided to stop sending Christmas cards or even referring to Christmas because they didn't want to cause offence. No-one bothered to ask her or other Muslims if they were indeed offended. She said "I love getting Christmas cards, it makes me feel included in this country's culture. After all, it is a Christian country so why shouldn't you send Christmas cards?" This was a few years ago when all this ridiculousness started; you could never refer to this country as Christian anymore!! I wonder what the Hackney Empire would have thought if The National Theatre had recently pulled the plug on Amadeus because Salieri was being played by a black South African actor? I am Italian; did this offend me? NO it did not. As long as he is good in the part, who cares? And are there any protests because a black actress is playing one of Lear's daughters at the National? I don't think so. And does this also mean that no-one in China, Japan or anywhere else in Asia should perform Shakespeare just because the characters aren't Asian? Would European people living in China say they were offended? I doubt it. God, I am so glad I am on the old end of life's spectrum......I just can't bear what is happening to this world. Artistic suffocation, loss of democracy, loss of freedom of speech and expression.....when I was young I never thought this would happen in the West, but hey ho...
  24. Royal Associates - Different types of waitlist?

    I have previous experience of this. In the email it states that ‘we would like to place x on our short waiting list, which will remain open until the October half term...’ I think it is probably interpreted differently by different people for lots of reasons. If someone was ‘top select’, surely they’d have been offered a place. I think by December the course would have progressed too far for someone to join in. If your child is already an associate when the results for the next level come out, there are all sorts of opinions and reactions flying around. Someone will always make you feel as though your child should/shouldn’t have got a place. And someone will always press the teacher for a response, until they hear what they want to hear, expand on it, and turn it into something else that someone else doesn’t want to hear!! Best to keep well out of it. Focus on the email which is in black and white and from RBS.
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