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  2. Yes, I think it was the fact that something shouted "prince" to me that made me take notice - although I'm sure his appearance won't be a hindrance either
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  4. Just to be clear, I intended no slight whatsoever on Vadim Muntagirov in my earlier post. I've seen a number of times how wonderful he is with those waiting for him at the stage door. Perhaps I should have used an emoticon in my last sentence to confirm this, but that's hindsight for you.
  5. I think Stanislaw has a real presence on the stage. It helps that he’s tall dark and handsome, but he screams ‘prince’ to me so I really hope there’s a big future there. I first noticed him in the background in Swan Lake last season wearing the military uniform in the opening act and thought to myself “whoever that is, we’ll be seeing more from him soon”....great to see his little guitar cameo in Don Q at the moment!
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    Thank you Katie (and of course to everyone else that has spent the time to kindly reply). what you have replied makes total sense, I am happy for her to attend a class, but my lack of knowledge of quality ballet classes, leaves me a little unsure as to which one to attend, I have seen a could of classes, but they were mainly interested in local performances, and didn't put a whole lot of focus on the basics, which is my primary concern, if anyone could please advise me of a decent class to send her too I would be interested. looking in the north/ north-west of London would be great, thank you once again
  7. ToThePointe has looked back on some wonderful performances by the Royal Ballet in La Bayadere in November. She has brought them all back to life for me and, accompanied by some lovely Bill Cooper photos, the piece has revived some very pleasant memories! http://tothepointemagazine.wixsite.com/tothepointemagazine/single-post/2019/02/20/La-Bayadere-at-The-Royal-Ballet?fbclid=IwAR0AuStcGc_VRku5mqEwZ8UWg97SrDP907ETTOfVugh1f5czHOTj2qETzNs
  8. Hi BalletBear - hope you enjoyed it on Sunday? My dd had a really positive audition experience. Now just the waiting game to see about finals. Good luck! :)
  9. I understand that the dancers were asked to 1) go and meet Prince Charles and 2) attend a reception for Sponsors. Marianela often 'arranges' with people who have made contact with her to come down dressed thus and it is really heart-warming to see the way she relates to everyone. You might have noticed that some of Vadim's 'Stage Door Regulars' were not there last night because the word had got around that he would not be coming out until much later. However, on the first night of Don Q, he too spent a very long time inside the Stage Door (autographs and selfies) and, then, equally long outside with a large group of children from a Portuguese ballet school. That, too, is lovely to see as he is particularly generous with his time as well.
  10. Dear all, I have 1 x SCS for Don Q on 01/03 D54 £10 Takada / Campbell Zucchetti, Magri Please PM me if you were interested. Best, Ryo
  11. More news from Dresden Semperoper Ballet: Artistic Director Aaron Watkin will stay until 2023, his contract was renewed by Opera Director Peter Theiler.
  12. Pax de deux and boys’ technique classes would be something that would make me much more interested in an intensive. Not that it would help in this case, since I’m pretty sure I have our local adult summer camp that week, but *in principle*.
  13. Funny, Bruce, I was wondering exactly the same thing! Vienna Waltzes is one of my favourite later Balanchine works and I would dearly like to see it in the Royal's rep. Copyright in the UK is that it expires 70 years after the end of the calendar year in which the last of the creators of the work dies. Approval from the Balanchine Trust can never be taken for granted but the current strength of the Royal Ballet would, I think, remove any obstacles. Here's hoping!
  14. Hi @BeaverElliiot, Yes indeed it was Sun King that I have been to! We can consider Pas de deux lessons but the main concern is we need male dancers. This is the second year I'm running this and we had no male participants last year. As yet I do not have it in my budget to hire male dancers like Sun King does, but is certainly something I will look into for future years. If you are interested in joining for 2019 or in the future, please do send me a PM, we can always see what we can work out for you. Thanks, May
  15. Also I understand you may not want to give specific details on a public forum but a rough idea of which area you are in might help posters suggest local options for you?
  16. I wonder now if some European company will be able to perform Balanchine's Vienna Waltzes???? Perhaps Hamburg???
  17. The "stage" faces towards the auditorium, so you just have a small number of balcony seats where the view is of their backs.
  18. How terrible for you - I know you'll hate that so much
  19. Dave Morgan was there to record the awards ceremony on February 18. Maya Jilan Dong (nominated for Emerging Artist Award) - definitely the coolest person there! ©Dave Morgan Joseph Sissens (nominated for Emerging Artist Award) - winner of best jacket, in my view ©Dave Morgan Jose Alves (winner - Best Classical Performance) - also, happiest winner ©Dave Morgan More… Dave Morgan - 115 photos Discussion of this event is here
  20. How old is he? It would be usual for a teacher to choose/choreograph the dance. Is the teacher perhaps not supportive wioth the application?
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